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On being called a liar

What annoys me … … is being called a liar. Three examples. Number One We’d just moved into our new house in the UK. By new, I mean the next one, it was actually 1930s. The next day, seriously, the … Continue reading

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Views from a hospital bed

Spending weeks in hospital waiting for an op gives plenty of time for useless musing. So in no particular order … Staff Consultants are the same the world over. No more to be said there. Similarly porters and cleaners. Pretty … Continue reading

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The theory of relativity

Or rather, relative wealth and relative luck. Although perhaps space and time have something to do with it. Example 1 Writing about books over on roughseas, I mentioned Helen Fielding. She wrote Bridget Jones’ Diary. She also went to my … Continue reading

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Hey! I can do that!

Writing, writing, writing I’m sure there is a song out there, that goes ‘riding, riding, riding’ but could I find it? However to move away from the previous posts about language, I thought I would write about, um, writing. Over … Continue reading

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An exchange

So, run away all those of you who think feminism is silly, don’t like PC language and think there is no problem out there anyway. That will be most/all of you. Here we have the usual story of me pointing … Continue reading

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Apple or PC/Windows? The endless debate

I see WordPress has managed to introduce an inconvenient new feature in my absence. I can just imagine the conversation at WP HQ. ‘Hey have you noticed that cranky roughseas isn’t around at the moment?’ ‘Yeah, life’s a bit quiet … Continue reading

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How not to give away that you are cheating

Top Tip Number One. In fact the only tip. Do not leave her card in your shorts pocket if your partner does the laundry. Given that most women do the washing, this is not a clever idea. Some women are … Continue reading

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Clothes – you are what you wear?

The Emperor’s New Clothes. Or maybe those of the Empress. Sitting in the bus station the other day, ie a bus station in Spain, I was watching everyone faffing around with their ‘phones. As you do. Even I do it. … Continue reading

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In which WordPress tells you how to proofread and edit your copy

Accuracy is about more that just verifying the spelling of an email address, I rest my case, m’lud/ma’am. Sorry this would have been the genetic engineering post but I couldn’t resist this class one. Head on over to read words … Continue reading

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On blogging …

Damn! Never leave things too late. I wrote a really intelligent response to a post on one of the WordPress blogs, which was incredibly complimentary, saying how I thought their ability to choose the most boring blogs possible to highlight, … Continue reading

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Political correctness

Here we go. Dons kick-arse boots and picks up 17mm Allen key (bought yesterday specifically for this post) to repel all attacks. So, take care. The 17mm Allen key is one evil bit of kit. Even in my hands. Now, … Continue reading

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Ghastly words

To avoid. The English language is abundantly blessed with words, often many meaning the same but each one with a slightly different nuance. Do you get the idea? or Do you understand my drift? Both broadly mean the same, but … Continue reading

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Sheer garbage

There is some utter tosh being written about the death of one woman. I can not believe it. I have bored readers on roughseas enough, so I will make Thatcher, Part 3 a Clouds post. And, what is interesting, is … Continue reading

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Sink or swim

My mother never learned to swim. When she visited us in Spain, we took her for a walk around the beach, she was in her late 70s, a leisurely walk of around an hour, but she was quite capable of … Continue reading

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Do journalists have morals?

Apparently not. A blogging friend recently compared plumbers with politicians, journalists, sex-offenders and bankers in the scheme of detritus of life. Given that my partner does plumbing work as part of his multi-skilled toolbox and I’m a trained and qualified … Continue reading

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Some Saturday thoughts on blogging

Another gem from WordPress. If you write a long post, you need to tag it as a long post. Not with the obvious word ‘long’ of course. You now have to tag your post using WPLongform. What is a long … Continue reading

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From death to trivia

Originally posted on Work of the Negative: A Marxist-Humanist blog:
From the new March-April 2013 issue of News & Letters: Editorial State of the U.S. wars The opening of Barack Obama’s second term made it clear that, despite all talk…

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So sad me

For those of you wishing for a very Cloudy Rough Seas Extremely Turbulent blog post, I thought I would sneak in a quick one. Discretion applies. A new person commenting on roughseas in fact. On my International Women’s Day post. … Continue reading

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Humour? Funny?

I don’t do funny. At all. I can’t tell jokes, I loathe crass racist or sexist jokes, and my sense of humour is limited to the top of the acid scale. Which is why I find it strange when people … Continue reading

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And do you have any experience in..?

Or how to vet your potential interviewer/s in an extremely short space of time. While interviews in Gib have been utterly beyond belief, experiences in the UK, have also been worth a smile. However, I’ll start with the best one … Continue reading

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