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Blogs….and blogging

Well I spectacularly failed to notice that I had been blogging for a year over on Itchy Feet At Forty so thought I might as well use my missed blogoversary as the starter for this post. In that year I … Continue reading

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We’ve had four dogs in around 20 years. The first three came from rescue homes in the UK, the last one found us on the street in Spain. We were both brought up with dogs, so once we got our … Continue reading

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Politics – and the right to vote

So what to say about politics – about the right to vote, for whom to vote, and how much does it really matter? In no particular order – apart from the first one….. The right to vote was hard-earned a) … Continue reading

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On Power and Influence

I have three books on my desk at the moment. One is a desk diary from last year that I am using as a notebook. The second is a Spanish English dictionary. The third is Understanding Organisations by Charles Handy. … Continue reading

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Life’s rubbish

A couple of years ago we were sitting on the terrace chatting to some friends. They come to Spain every year for about five weeks. We met when they rented a flat up the road, although normally they rent a … Continue reading

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You don’t come from round here

I was brought up to be inherently racist. Black – or coloured people (as I think they were called at the time, and most of them were from the Indian sub-continent) – were dirty. So said my dad. One day … Continue reading

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Questions not to ask a veg*n

When people find out I’m vegetarian, they invariably ask why. Sometimes they say: “Is it for ethical or health reasons?” That’s an easy one so I answer “ethical”. And hopefully the conversation stops. But sometimes they just ask why. So … Continue reading

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