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Feminism 101a – The Weary World of Mansplination

The Arb offered to do a guest post for me on feminism. Who am I to refuse? So here it is, on ‘mansplaining’. Unedited. All credit, copyright and my thanks for such a thoughtful post to The Arb. ******* As … Continue reading

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Eating vegetarian and vegan at Pizza Hut in Gib …

I found this great sheet from Gib’s Pizza Hut about food allergens info. It includes whether or not food is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and details whether food contains gluten, soya, nuts, lupin, sesame, celery, mustard, you name it. I … Continue reading

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I told you so

So don’t say I didn’t. All you religious fruitcakes, who think making abortion difficult to get/illegal etc, are responsible for the situation in Tennessee where a woman stuck a coathanger up herself in the bath to try and carry out … Continue reading

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Legal drugs

In this case, ibuprofen. Nurofen. Ibuprofen is an NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. In other words a painkiller, and one of the weaker NSAIDs, so, at low doses, it carries the risk of fewer side effects. So we have so-called specific … Continue reading

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Addicted to …

No, Ark, not Robert Palmer, addicted to love. But rather, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and perhaps one can add, shopping and work. I’ll leave it to scientists to continue arguing about what causes addiction, instead I’d like to consider our reactions … Continue reading

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Clouds’ Feminism 101

I thought an open post for people to discuss their view of feminism might be worth a go. But first, as this is the blog of a historian and a journalist, let’s set feminism in context with a quick summary … Continue reading

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Feminism comes last – again

Here is a very silly outmoded comment, written, unsurprisingly, by a right-wing religionist. Pronouns: We avoid, as much as possible, the hideous “he or she” and we try never to use the atrocious “they” when speaking of a single unidentified, … Continue reading

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