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Virtual addiction

You might as well have put crack cocaine in my tea, he said I’d only asked him to be my neighbour in Farmville Did I ask him to play? And later, he wondered am I addicted to you? No. You … Continue reading

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I need protein – just can’t get enough.

No, no – not more protein – yet again? I thought high protein low carb diets went out – well, 30 years ago. That’s the last time I heard of anyone following one. A friend at university aged, 19/20, decided … Continue reading

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Freshly pressed – Oh! The glory!

I have no interest in being Freshly Pressed. Fortunately. In fact I don’t even look at it, and the thought of replying to 100 or more inane comments from one-off visitors is enough to send shivers down my spine. However, … Continue reading

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Yorkshire (1)

The White Rose county. Or God’s Own County as locals proudly call it. People from Yorkshire can be incredibly boring and obnoxious about their county. I know. I was born there. And for some reason, there is something instilled in … Continue reading

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How can I not resist this? In fact instead of that boring long distance running film, I don’t know why they aren’t playing this one for the Olympic winners. Cracking voice from Tony Hadley, and one of the few bands … Continue reading

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Post from the past

In days gone by Alfie Apple the postie (he of the rosy cheeks) previewed all my mail ‘A letter for your daughter looks like it’s from London’ ‘A postcard for her from Paris’ No interest in the nudes on front … Continue reading

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