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Is the UK expected to home refugees from the Calais refugee camps? Serious question. In terms of population density the UK is somewhat bigger than France’s (286:118 per head of population per square km. Let’s say more than double? Two … Continue reading

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Mx, Ms, Mr, (Mrs/Miss)

I do hope you are all aware that when addressing trans people you should be using the appropriate title. A bit like the pronouns. Here is Mix Margaret on the subject. Some excerpts and comments: In recent years they have … Continue reading

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We loves The Menz

I write a perfectly reasonable criticism about Owen Smith, a former candidate for the leadership of the UK labour party and get told off for being sexist. Um. I was pointing out that Smith was sexist (for a number of … Continue reading

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I cried

I really did. I looked at this photo and wept. What. Is. Wrong. With. People. We have homed skinny ribby dogs but this? Our abuse of animals never fails to amaze me. Let alone our hypocrisy. Eat dogs, cats, horses. … Continue reading

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