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Superior man brain thinking

‘Two minute noodles. ‘We have two packs. ‘Therefore we need four minutes? Yes?’ Go bro. Hell’s teeth. Gotta love that male intelligence. Seen on an Aussie outback vid. Clue: Two minute noodles take … two minutes? Doesn’t matter how many … Continue reading

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A man thing

I read some shit but … … this takes the biscuit Well, it’s Father’s Day here in the United States. Yes, that day when men all over the country have an excuse to eat as much meat as possible, watch … Continue reading

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One reason why the UK is fucked

I mean, seriously? This woman is claiming £40k a year on benefit with 12 children and looking for a sperm donor for a 13th. Child support agency anyone? Using the system? The system does not work. Well, only for some.

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Shit that happens to women

This extract from an Australian paper says it all about women’s experiences of being attacked, assaulted, raped, threatened with murder, or, murdered. It also encapsulates, everything, but everything about society’s views of women. Victim blaming and shaming. Asking for it. … Continue reading

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Gender neutral?

We’d never had a bitch. We both grew up with dogs, but none of them were bitches. And when, as a couple in our own houses, we started to home rescue dogs, they were always male. But Tosca was a … Continue reading

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