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No. I don’t hate men

One of the silliest arguments I read on the internet is that all feminists hate men. Really, they, or rather, we, do. This is on a par with all feminists are hairy ugly lesbians, it is so ridiculous. The view … Continue reading

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With reference to ‘baiting’ and ‘playing games’

Or blog etiquette? My last post referred to a comment of mine on one blog, that was then made the subject of a post on another person’s blog (Tricia’s). Just to summarise, I pointed out that police officer is a … Continue reading

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The poor are always with us

What do I think of the Tory majority in the UK? Pal Hariod Brawn asked me this so I thought I would give a somewhat superficial answer as that is all I can manage. I’m not surprised. Most people are … Continue reading

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