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Let them eat cupcakes*

Am I really the only person in the world who does not have a sweet tooth? If I read one more boring blog post about delicious ‘cupcakes’ I will throw myself out of the window. OK, I won’t read the … Continue reading

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Who won the war?

I didn’t know America won it for us all. Did they? I thought we managed it all on our little selves on D-Day. Or whenever. Didn’t Americans come in at the last minute when their ships were targeted somewhere far … Continue reading

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Swearing (courtesy of WP and DP)

Dear dear me. I so don’t like to do this but…….. It’s not only the WordPress weekly photochallenge, it’s becoming the Daily Post challenge. For those of you who don’t read the Daily Post the latest topic is swearing. Sensitive … Continue reading

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Blogging tips and WordPress

The weekend calls for relaxation, so no hard-hitting, critical post today. Let’s have a look at WordPress first. Those of us who have persistently complained about the rather stupid introduction of a default email notification whenever you comment on another … Continue reading

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Well, roll me over.

Couldn’t pass this one by. The land of the free and that great dream. Also known as the land of sexist misogynist bastards who want to control women. Oh, I’m busy doing other things right now rather than blogging, [inserts … Continue reading

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Those overpaid NHS managers

Jeez! I left the health service ten years ago and I still read the same boring old crap. Also known as misinformed information, or however you want to describe it. Let’s get this straight. A so-called overpaid manager earned between … Continue reading

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Having a laugh

A little light relief is called for in the form of my job interview. Little being the operative word, as in a very little time was spent on it. Some of you may remember my previous post on roughseas where … Continue reading

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How to make anyone want to vomit

Er hello. This is not racism or about sex. This is purely about abusive power of a patriarchal society. This is about men exploiting and abusing women. And it is time it stopped. These men are disgusting and depraved. Their … Continue reading

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I have to say for once that I have little to write. Sensitive souls may read on, this is not an animal abuse post, ie there is no vicious cruelty reported or depicted. Although, one could say that invading an … Continue reading

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A WordPress sigh

Hello WordPress Why don’t you just fuck everything up like blogger? No, I do not want to read topics on my ‘reader’ in an endless bloody list. My reader is for the blogs I am interested in. Topics are for … Continue reading

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Oh! those appearances that count

Not those wretched appearances again? Well yes. But as this is basically just another feminist post, those of you who are disinterested in such wicked subversive thinking, now know to skip it. I was busily surfing away, to see what … Continue reading

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