Sexist old men

I had to lie down on the sofa, fan myself, apply a cool damp facecloth to my forehead, hence the rather late repost of this riveting news:

Sexist old man 1

Sexist old man 2

Number one considers women to be less intelligent than men so should be paid less. Number two thinks keeping our knees together prevents rape.

In the first case we have an MEP (remind me again why we voted out of Europe), and the second was a Canadian judge.

And women are less intelligent than men?

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8 Responses to Sexist old men

  1. nkdwhtguy says:

    And don’t forget about the Sexist Old Man in the White House.

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  2. davidprosser says:

    The World is still full of Morons it seems, and some of them still manage to reach high positions.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • That’s probably because the rest of us put them there! Not you and I of course 🙂 Or maybe it’s because the non-morons aren’t as self-seeking?

      It’s a good thing I haven’t met that Polish chap, I tell you. Ignorant little shithead that he is.

      Cwtch xx


  3. makagutu says:

    I think the first one still lives in centuries past and the second one, well, I am at a loss of words


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