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Driving test

Well done on passing your test. Now you need to learn how to drive. How many of us have heard that one? Oh, and who is it usually from? Men, who invariably didn’t pass first time, and continue to break … Continue reading

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Some thoughts

I was going to title this ‘Thoughtful’ but I’m not sure it is. I spend some considerable time on the internet/computer, largely because I enjoy writing. And reading. Oh, and I have time too. I have made some good friends … Continue reading

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For appearance’ sake

As it’s summer the streets are now full of scantily clad women, with bare legs, shoulders, backs, midriffs etc etc. All very nicely tanned, smooth and polished. I, on the other hand, am wandering around with – gasp, shock, horror … Continue reading

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I don’t think I will tax myself with writing thoughtful posts any more. Instead I think I will just repeat insulting derogatory posts against women that I read on the internet. And this is meant to be funny? Why? Stop … Continue reading

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