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Do I really care who is King of Spain?

No. But it seems we have to live with monarchies, or presidents. And presidents are pretty dire, it has to be said. Monarchies may cost the tax-payer money, but who would really want the endless round of presidential elections? I … Continue reading

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Views from a hospital bed

Spending weeks in hospital waiting for an op gives plenty of time for useless musing. So in no particular order … Staff Consultants are the same the world over. No more to be said there. Similarly porters and cleaners. Pretty … Continue reading

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A blog is a minestrone, served up with Parmesan cheese

I should, of course, have called this Ten Top Tips for Blogging, or Ten Golden Blogging Rules. Except there aren’t any. One person’s view of the correct way to blog isn’t another’s. But as I have read a plethora of … Continue reading

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Rainy day Monday

We all love the rain. It’s good for the ground, and we need it. It’s not so good for hanging out the washing, and it’s certainly not so good when inconsiderate drivers park illegally on the pavement forcing pedestrians into … Continue reading

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And do you have any experience in..?

Or how to vet your potential interviewer/s in an extremely short space of time. While interviews in Gib have been utterly beyond belief, experiences in the UK, have also been worth a smile. However, I’ll start with the best one … Continue reading

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Slagging off WordPress – again

Yes. I know. You all wanted to read the ‘Wankers, seriously…’ post. Or at least those of you who spotted it in Reader and didn’t manage to get there fast enough before I took it down. I may tidy it … Continue reading

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That virtual dinner party

So, you are all invited to roughseas virtual New Year Party. Tomorrow say, so you can get on with your own thing on NYE. And at lunchtime too, nothing better than Sunday lunch. Shall we say, 12 noon for 1pm … Continue reading

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Irrelevant rants

Gah!! What is it with people who are not vegetarian and think they know everything about it because they only eat chicken or fish a few days a week? I’ve been doing this for 25 years or something like that. … Continue reading

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Jury Service – Part 2

What to wear? Men always have this dilemma. So to all you sexists out there who go on about women faffing around with their appearance, I tell you men are much worse. No matter whether it was my father in … Continue reading

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‘I don’t know what this crap is,’ he said, as he walked in, and chucked a couple of brown On Her Majesty’s Service envelopes at me. Which, I translated to mean, you can open that crap and tell me. I … Continue reading

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As the whole world seems to like talking and writing about dog crap, I thought I would add my two penn’orth. Last month, Gibraltar introduced a campaign against dog fouling. Or rather against people who do not pick up after … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day coincide this year, as they did in 2007. While Armistice Day, the anniversary commemorating the end of World War 1 falls on 11 November, Remembrance Sunday is on the second Sunday in November. I’ve written … Continue reading

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Black and white

I’m one of life’s down and outs. Or that’s what it feels like sometimes. Partner went to the job centre today to look at the board for craft trades. When he walked in, the security guy looked at him, didn’t … Continue reading

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Aftermath of a royal visit….

‘Phone conversation: MR: ‘Buenos días Cristina (de Kirchner – president of Argentina), how are you?’ CK: ‘Buenos días Mariana (Rajoy – prime minister of Spain), bien, all things considering.’ MR: ‘I see you didn’t have much success getting the Brit … Continue reading

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‘Hello, you’ll be fans of Chuck and Di then?’ said some strange Canadians. We shared a room together in a Sydney youth hostel. The Canadians, not Chuck, Di and I. Next up, they cleared off around Aus and the next … Continue reading

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Having a laugh

A little light relief is called for in the form of my job interview. Little being the operative word, as in a very little time was spent on it. Some of you may remember my previous post on roughseas where … Continue reading

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What do you do when faced with a dilemma involving your principles? Choose one principle above another? Or try and find that compromise in the middle, that isn’t one or the other? Life is made up of compromises of so … Continue reading

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Commonwealth day, colonialism, and imperialism

So, what does Commonwealth Day mean to anyone British? If you even know when it is (helpful hint – today). Is Commonwealth Day a remnant of colonialism? Doubt it. Doesn’t seem like anything in particular at all. Back in school, … Continue reading

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Voracious Spaniards

Spanish men do have voracious eyes. Or to be rather more accurate, the look in their eyes is voracious. Wandering down to the site where Partner is working, I passed a couple of Spanish workers walking in the other direction. … Continue reading

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Does your vote count?

Well, not much of a surprise but Spain seems to have gone for another right-wing government, yet again the Partido Popular (PP) is in power. When we first moved to Spain, the PP was in charge under Jose Maria Aznar. … Continue reading

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