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Sheer garbage

There is some utter tosh being written about the death of one woman. I can not believe it. I have bored readers on roughseas enough, so I will make Thatcher, Part 3 a Clouds post. And, what is interesting, is … Continue reading

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From death to trivia

Originally posted on Work of the Negative: A Marxist-Humanist blog:
From the new March-April 2013 issue of News & Letters: Editorial State of the U.S. wars The opening of Barack Obama’s second term made it clear that, despite all talk…

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There were times when I thought we almost understood each other. Something special something together shared laughter love sorrows trust life. Until one day it stopped.

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I don’t believe in God. Never have, doubt I ever will. I did go to sleep as a child, saying ‘Gentle Jesus meek and mild, look upon this little child blah blah, and god bless mummy and daddy and Good … Continue reading

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Dog eat dog

Journalism was a tough world out there. Apparently so much so that we ate each other. Dog eat dog was regularly applied to my trade/craft/profession. But that’s metaphorical. This isn’t. This is literal – I’ve deleted the photos as I … Continue reading

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What do you do when faced with a dilemma involving your principles? Choose one principle above another? Or try and find that compromise in the middle, that isn’t one or the other? Life is made up of compromises of so … Continue reading

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Consumerism (2) – holidays and travel

Holidays. The two weeks in the year that we all work towards. Or three, or four, depending on how blessed you are in your job. It always confused me why people seemed to accept slaving away for 50 weeks to … Continue reading

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Happy World Sleep Day

Honestly I despair. I have read on a couple of blogs that it is World Cancer Day so I looked it up. Apparently 4 February is World Cancer Day as designated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). So what’s with … Continue reading

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Just another day shooting the shit out of a few poor animals

Please do not click on this link if you don’t wish to see photos of: a) a dead leopard, who sadly looks almost as though he is sleeping in the arms of his murderer b) a cut-off elephant’s tail, naturally … Continue reading

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There are lots of good things about the internet. Mostly, in my opinion, that includes sharing information for free. But there are an awful lot of bad things too. Truth is, I’m not sure what value it has added to … Continue reading

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And then there were three ….

They say things go in threes don’t they? So when I read the email with the sad news that an internet friend had died of cancer, I wondered who the third one would be this year. The young and lovely … Continue reading

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Death and bereavement

Remember the Funerals post here? Here is its companion. I ended that post having attended three funerals in my life, between the ages of approx 30 and 40. It seems from comments received on that post, that I wasn’t alone … Continue reading

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Time, they say (whoever they may be), heals. Not being the sort of person who accepts what other people say, I tend to disagree. All time does, is blunt the immediate sensation and push things in the past a bit. … Continue reading

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I thought Death and Bereavement would be a suitable next topic in the new gloomy stories series, but to write that one, I have to set a bit of context first. Not really sure when I first encountered death per … Continue reading

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Joan Baez

My father introduced me to Joan Baez. My father, the radical trade union representative in his youth, who didn’t like the politics of Joan Baez when he was older. He hated her singing ‘We shall overcome’ but couldn’t resist the … Continue reading

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Evening walk – the other view

I wrote about my Sunday evening walk over on Itchy Feet. Well, actually I didn’t so much write about it as post up some photos. It was a pleasant walk and I didn’t feel like adding my moans to that … Continue reading

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