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There are lots of good things about the internet. Mostly, in my opinion, that includes sharing information for free. But there are an awful lot of bad things too. Truth is, I’m not sure what value it has added to … Continue reading

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Does your vote count?

Well, not much of a surprise but Spain seems to have gone for another right-wing government, yet again the Partido Popular (PP) is in power. When we first moved to Spain, the PP was in charge under Jose Maria Aznar. … Continue reading

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Poets Day

As everyone knows, today is Poets Day. No, this is not like World Awareness Day, Meditation Day, Ingrowing Toenail Day, Wear a Blue Ribbon in your hair to show solidarity with Oppressed Bankers in America Day, or any of those … Continue reading

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I want that dog/puppy/designer lifestyle :(

Today on Facebook (which I really try not to look at very often) – I saw a dog who looked just like mine. It is the strangest feeling to look at a dog in a KILL shelter – THAT MEANS, … Continue reading

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Rubbish recycling?

Recycling – what? Plastic bags – or profits?? Sadly Morrisons in Gib has gone down the road of charging for plastic bags. I think they cost 2p and any proceeds (note – not profits) go towards local charities. In fact, … Continue reading

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Sexism at its best/worst

– depending upon your perspective. I share with you this link. Wow! These men are so funny and sharp they are going to be cutting themselves on their pistons. Or some such similar piece of kit. Land Rover Dating PS … Continue reading

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Dilemma dilemma – what to do??

I am going to have to do something with this blog. All the old posts have just blurred into one huuuuuuuge paragraph. Do I reformat each post individually? Change templates with blogger? Migrate the whole lot to wordpress? Just move … Continue reading

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Breast screening – do I? don’t I?

The lovely blogger does not seem to want to let me separate my paragraphs with a gap so this post is available for viewing (complete with separated pars) on roughseas. I won’t be closing this blog down as people do … Continue reading

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Tick tock the clock goes back

And about time too. I am not a lover of summertime at all. I see no reason for people to faff around with hours – so that there is an extra hour of daylight in the evening or some garbage … Continue reading

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