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Work – the early years

I thought I would break up the health posts and write about that classic four letter word – WORK. It may sound surprising but I came from a very emancipated Yorkshire family when it came to women working. Women cooking, … Continue reading

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Health issues (2)

So there I am, happily putting all those childhood illnesses and accidents behind me and looking forward to a healthy adult life. I was going to fast forward 20+ years – but suddenly remembered – chicken pox!! While I may … Continue reading

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Health issues (1)

Another in the doom and gloom series. It should probably be titled ill-health or sickness or something. Like every other kid I went through the gamut of childrens’ illnesses. I also had a mother who would NEVER, by which I … Continue reading

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Family planning

To me means just that. Planning a family means planning when to have children, presumably preferably when you are solvent and can provide a happy and loving home. Family planning means using contraception, which, shock horror, rumour reliably informs me … Continue reading

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Time, they say (whoever they may be), heals. Not being the sort of person who accepts what other people say, I tend to disagree. All time does, is blunt the immediate sensation and push things in the past a bit. … Continue reading

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Meals in (laws)

Before I resume the doom and gloom series of posts, which clearly, I am not too good at posting regularly, here is one inspired by a couple of friends. They wrote about visiting the MIL and being fed. Or not … Continue reading

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I have a friend with a birthday this month, so I thought I would muse on birthdays today. We have exchanged birthday greetings and cards with each other ever since university. One year I was on holiday in Portugal and … Continue reading

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‘I keep my mouth shut these days’

It was one of those mornings. After my failed attempt yesterday to sneak off to the outdoor gym and get back before Partner’s hunter gathering run I was ordered to stay at home today. I decided to spend my time … Continue reading

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My father

I thought I would redress the balance given my post about my unloveable MiL. No, I am not going to write nice things about her. Don’t be silly. I said on the funerals post that she organised a good one, … Continue reading

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My mother-in-law

Mothers in law occasionally (!!) comes up as a topic of coversation among some of my friends. It is beyond me why male comedians seem to poke fun at their wife’s mother, ie their mother-in-law. I think my women friends, … Continue reading

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Blogging and commenting and stuffs

I really can’t manage to post doom and gloom endlessly so here is something rather more banal. Although not to the blogging community. Friend B posted on facebook about people who read and comment, and specifically about those who regularly … Continue reading

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I thought Death and Bereavement would be a suitable next topic in the new gloomy stories series, but to write that one, I have to set a bit of context first. Not really sure when I first encountered death per … Continue reading

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A fool’s tale

It is, as people know, the custom for journalists to write spoof stories on 1 April. I remember colleagues vying with each other to write the most ridiculous stories possible. At the same time, these crazy stories had to have … Continue reading

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