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More super shopping

Shopping never fails to amaze me. Not that I do it very often, and try my best to palm off that tedious task onto Partner. Even doing the washing up or mopping the floors is a worthwhile trade. As my … Continue reading

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What do you do when faced with a dilemma involving your principles? Choose one principle above another? Or try and find that compromise in the middle, that isn’t one or the other? Life is made up of compromises of so … Continue reading

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Consumerism (7) – it doesn’t matter to me

The much-heralded post and the final one in the series. Perhaps the most important one too. Oh. Why? Because it is the one where you can make a difference. I was going to insert a terribly clever digression here to … Continue reading

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Consumerism (6) – living boxes

After all, home entertainment sounds so dreary. And I can hardly title a blog, TVs, computers, gadgets, smartphones, iPads, video/DVD recorders, fax machines, can I? All suggestions for a better title will be carefully considered and will most likely be … Continue reading

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Consumerism (4) – all I need is a pound a day

THOUGHT OF GIVING IT ALL AWAY TO A REGISTERED CHARITY, ALL I NEED IS A PINT POUND A DAY. (thanks paul for that one – ETA Band On The Run, suddenly realised people may not know that) Apparently that is … Continue reading

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Do you want another one?

Yes, please, I do. I was always taught to do the please thing unlike my partner who just totally misses it out and still gets what he wants. Without the P word. In this case, we had gone to stock … Continue reading

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Paleo, paleo ….

When I first read about the paleo diet I was puzzled. In the extreme. I’d never heard of it of course. Why would I in my sheltered vegetable patch? I read these absolutely glowing evangelical reviews. This, apparently, was the … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve rants of the day ….

Today’s post was going to be a light-hearted post about incompetent staff, parsimonious customers, and rich supermarket owners. You can read that one later. For now, the first part is …. Taking the dog out of the door for his … Continue reading

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I want that dog/puppy/designer lifestyle :(

Today on Facebook (which I really try not to look at very often) – I saw a dog who looked just like mine. It is the strangest feeling to look at a dog in a KILL shelter – THAT MEANS, … Continue reading

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Rubbish recycling?

Recycling – what? Plastic bags – or profits?? Sadly Morrisons in Gib has gone down the road of charging for plastic bags. I think they cost 2p and any proceeds (note – not profits) go towards local charities. In fact, … Continue reading

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Fire alarms and wholemeal bread

Never a dull moment at the supermarket is there? So the other day I tripped off as usual to see if there was anything new on the shelves, stock up with paracetamol products (joke), and give myself some exercise with … Continue reading

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Giving to charity

I do not like being TOLD to give money to charity or being manipulated into feeling embarrassed if I choose not to give. Standing at the supermarket check-out I noticed a bucket with not very much change in it. On … Continue reading

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Supermarket rant

I just loathe going to the supermarket. At any time. However, these nasty chores have to be shared. So I trotted down there tonight to get a few essentials which all fit nicely in a hand basket. I can’t drive … Continue reading

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The price of fruit

I staggered on the bus with three very heavy shopping bags. Fortunately one of the front seats was empty and I could dump the bags in the luggage spot which avoids putting them on the floor and having stuff rolling … Continue reading

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Funding for health services

One of the comments on my last post about smuggling cigarettes (“Risk free or duty free?”) suggested increasing the taxes on cigarettes in Gibraltar and added that the additional revenue generated could go directly towards treating smokers. (With which I … Continue reading

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Risk free or duty-free?

Readers of Pippa’s blog will know that last weekend we were stopped at customs by the Guardia Civil who looked inside our vehicle. I don’t just mean they looked through the window, which they’ve done once before. We actually had … Continue reading

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