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Just another day

There are lots of people who describe Christmas Day as just another day. And sit down to a huge Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, open their presents from the huge pile under the tree festooned with bright ornaments, have … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve rants of the day ….

Today’s post was going to be a light-hearted post about incompetent staff, parsimonious customers, and rich supermarket owners. You can read that one later. For now, the first part is …. Taking the dog out of the door for his … Continue reading

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There’s the bucket, pee in it

Once upon a time, my partner went to do a job in an expensive part of the city. Actually it was a posh suburb/village/sort of thing where aspirational people lived. Two bedrooms, a dining room, all to be painted white, … Continue reading

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You’ve got cancer and you’re sick? Get back to work.

A good friend, who has gone through the gruelling ordeal of cancer treatment, has alerted people (on FB) to the latest really clever proposal by the Department of Work and Pensions in the UK. Apparently having cancer does not mean … Continue reading

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Donna, donna, and Joan Baez? Just another hypocrite?

Ay! When I was a kid at junior school, ie below 11 years of age, we sang this song. I couldn’t sing it without crying. Couldn’t bear the thought of the poor calf being killed. Vegetarian before I knew it … Continue reading

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