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Subtitled: How not to bring up your daughters. When I was a little girl, two particular trite sayings were dinned into my pretty little head. I say that with some irony, as I was never told I was pretty, or … Continue reading

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Just another depressing post

One of my friends said recently that she was embarked on a course of self-destruction. We didn’t discuss it at the time, but I can empathise with that. For me, it’s a relationship thing. I really can’t handle them. I’m … Continue reading

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Easter eggs

Just in case anyone thinks I have stopped marvelling at the incredulous activities of Pope Ben….. I see he has sent chocolate Easter eggs to victims of the Italian earthquake. That is so kind and thoughtful. If I had lost … Continue reading

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What rescue dog?

Well done Obama, you fucking hypocrite. You have just done jack shit nada for promoting the attractions of rescuing dogs from shelters. Despite the much-publicised comments from the family during the presidential campaign that they wanted a rescue dog – … Continue reading

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A newspaper round-up

Sitting in the bus station the other day I picked up a Spanish paper, and as usual depressed myself. It seems young people in Spain, ie those under 30, have one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, 30.4% compared … Continue reading

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