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Read. Enjoy. And this: Orwell, you forgot all this lunacy.

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Is the UK expected to home refugees from the Calais refugee camps? Serious question. In terms of population density the UK is somewhat bigger than France’s (286:118 per head of population per square km. Let’s say more than double? Two … Continue reading

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I cried

I really did. I looked at this photo and wept. What. Is. Wrong. With. People. We have homed skinny ribby dogs but this? Our abuse of animals never fails to amaze me. Let alone our hypocrisy. Eat dogs, cats, horses. … Continue reading

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Superior man brain thinking

‘Two minute noodles. ‘We have two packs. ‘Therefore we need four minutes? Yes?’ Go bro. Hell’s teeth. Gotta love that male intelligence. Seen on an Aussie outback vid. Clue: Two minute noodles take … two minutes? Doesn’t matter how many … Continue reading

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One reason why the UK is fucked

I mean, seriously? This woman is claiming £40k a year on benefit with 12 children and looking for a sperm donor for a 13th. Child support agency anyone? Using the system? The system does not work. Well, only for some.

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Guardian Angel

Me? Never. The other night I was walking up one of the back streets. I heard shouting and sounds of distress. Not my business. Not mine to interfere in a ‘domestic’ dispute. I walked on. And battled with my conscience. … Continue reading

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Addicted to …

No, Ark, not Robert Palmer, addicted to love. But rather, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and perhaps one can add, shopping and work. I’ll leave it to scientists to continue arguing about what causes addiction, instead I’d like to consider our reactions … Continue reading

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Or rather, Attaboys. Worthy of a Sun headline perhaps? On the lines of Gotcha. (A reference to the sinking of the ARA Belgrano by the RN in 1982.) Readers will know I’m among the first to denounce endless unnecessary military … Continue reading

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Raggy trousers part dos

Such a dilemma. Animals or people. Animal rights, people rights. Dead lions, dead elephants, well just dead animals really. What to write about? Jo posted a nice one about it all and the hypocrisy surrounding okay to kill these animals … Continue reading

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Colonial fans

It’s summertime and it’s aircon time. Except in our block. A couple of the rented flats have it, but it doesn’t work. They (British) are most disappointed. After all it is sooooo hot here at not even thirty degrees. The … Continue reading

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Happy birthdays

Are such fun as we age. Gone are the days of cards dropping through the letterbox, or here on the Iberian peninsula, appearing in an external mailbox. No. One gets an email from one’s not so nearest and definitely not … Continue reading

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No. I don’t hate men

One of the silliest arguments I read on the internet is that all feminists hate men. Really, they, or rather, we, do. This is on a par with all feminists are hairy ugly lesbians, it is so ridiculous. The view … Continue reading

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The poor are always with us

What do I think of the Tory majority in the UK? Pal Hariod Brawn asked me this so I thought I would give a somewhat superficial answer as that is all I can manage. I’m not surprised. Most people are … Continue reading

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On being called a liar

What annoys me … … is being called a liar. Three examples. Number One We’d just moved into our new house in the UK. By new, I mean the next one, it was actually 1930s. The next day, seriously, the … Continue reading

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No one else asked me

My mother was a deputy matron at 19 at the local nursery school. It was during the war, ie 1940s. The local nursery was so local that it was literally at the bottom of the garden of her parents’ home. … Continue reading

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Civilised societies

As we all know, gays are evil. In fact if we don’t get rid of them, God (the Christian one) will take it out on us. Or maybe the Muslim one will. Or the Wiccan one. Or the Sikh one. … Continue reading

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Do I really care who is King of Spain?

No. But it seems we have to live with monarchies, or presidents. And presidents are pretty dire, it has to be said. Monarchies may cost the tax-payer money, but who would really want the endless round of presidential elections? I … Continue reading

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Views from a hospital bed

Spending weeks in hospital waiting for an op gives plenty of time for useless musing. So in no particular order … Staff Consultants are the same the world over. No more to be said there. Similarly porters and cleaners. Pretty … Continue reading

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The theory of relativity

Or rather, relative wealth and relative luck. Although perhaps space and time have something to do with it. Example 1 Writing about books over on roughseas, I mentioned Helen Fielding. She wrote Bridget Jones’ Diary. She also went to my … Continue reading

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Or, that’s my job, not yours. Those days have gone. For the most part. Oldies like me, who grew up before Thatcher destroyed the trade unions for good, may remember it though. There was no multi-tasking or crossing the boundary … Continue reading

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