One reason why the UK is fucked

I mean, seriously?

This woman is claiming £40k a year on benefit with 12 children and looking for a sperm donor for a 13th.

Child support agency anyone?

Using the system?

The system does not work.

Well, only for some.


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9 Responses to One reason why the UK is fucked

  1. @RSitM

    A video post? Who are you and what have you done with RS? 🙂

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  2. Totty says:

    40K for 12 children seems quite cheap compared to the annual cost of fostering (29-33K) or the taking into residential care (131-135K) of a single child of the 17 taken into care from a mother in Newcastle. (Figures from the NAO)

    When I had my children, you didn’t get any family allowance for the first child, it only became available when you had a second child. Maybe the answer to this and similar cases is to restrict the benefit to the first two children, but I doubt it would stop the broody from breeding.


  3. Except she isn’t fostering. Big difference.

    No family allowance when I was a child, although I think it came in just as I aged, for one kid.

    Not entirely sure how or why benefits apply. Or applied. Um, why pay people to have children?

    Child benefit was never means tested.


    • Totty says:

      I remember why it was started; previously “the breadwinning man of the house” received a tax allowance in lieu, and mothers complained the extra money was being spent on extra beer and cigarettes, not on feeding the children. Child benefit was supposed to give mothers a little autonomy. I admit I did not spend my benefit on food as my husband was well able to provide all they needed, but as a non-earner at the time, it meant I did not have to cut corners on the housekeeping to feed my book habit.

      “Except she isn’t fostering. Big difference.”
      I don’t condone what she is doing, but at least she is looking after her own multiple sprogs, not forcing the taxpayer to foot an even bigger bill.


      • Right. So her 12 kids and her £40k benefit don’t come from the taxpayer?


        • Totty says:

          Yes, her benefit comes from the taxpayer, and yes, our hackles rise as she states her case, but my point is that, unlike many of these women who are “addicted to pregnancy”, she is raising her own children to be, as she puts it, taxpayers of the future. There has been no suggestion that she is a neglectful mother. The Freedom of Information request that brought this and many other cases to the notice of the media, showed women having baby after baby that is removed from its mother and placed into care. You are a feminist; where do you stand on the compulsory sterilization, whether chemical or surgical, of a mothers such as the one who has had 17 children removed into care? Should the Social Services have the power to stop these women reproducing after they have had their 2.4 children?


          • How do we know they will be taxpayers of the future given the unemployment rates (Spain is a classic) of young people and poor long-term job prospects? Nobody can say that with any certainty.

            I might be a feminist but I’m also an environmentalist. I think having teens of kids is pretty irresponsible and selfish. And, I’m also not a mother, so that colours my view. Too many Podencos to rescue – that I did not bring into this world.

            Actually I would probably do away with social services. But as for compulsory sterilisation, I think it would be more appropriate for rapists. My answer regarding women, is a question. Why the need to have so many babies? Seriously? Is this some sort of self-validation, self-worth, because that’s their only role in life? I don’t know. There has to be something odd, whether it’s religious beliefs that ban contraception, no other motivation or goal in life, or as you say ‘addiction to pregnancy’.

            Incidentally, she is very articulate. I am criticising the system primarily. And I won’t even get into that. OK I will dabble. She works 16 hours a week. She gets £40K a year benefits. I worked 16 hours a day at one point and not on overtime rate as it was salaried. And what the hell did I ever get for it from the state? SFA. Because it isn’t just the benefits. Those 12/13 kids need health care, education, and everything else that comes out of taxes.

            One of my colleagues, he was an accountant so nuff said, planned on having one child as that was financially acceptable. But, what is wrong with that? If you can’t afford kids, don’t have them. If you can’t afford something, most of us do without. Well, maybe not these days.


          • Totty says:

            I blame the welfare state for moving so far away from the original intention of acting as a safety net. As for pregnancy addiction; I didn’t particularly want children, but when I became pregnant, (blaming faulty rubber goods), I found it suited me, I had no sickness at all, and I was one of the lucky ones who had painless contractions and gave birth quickly and easily. Did I have a clutch of kids? No. Did I want a clutch of kids? No, but if it had been established practise back in the 60s, I may well have volunteered as a surrogate mother. I enjoyed being pregnant, but I’m not a baby lover, it doesn’t bother me in the least that neither of my daughters has chosen to have children, because, like me, they are not maternal.
            While reading around the links on the video, I came across the Radford family who are expecting their 19th child in July, and who brag that they don’t claim a penny in benefits, but spend over 30K of their own money bringing them up….in their book, child benefit isn’t a benefit…


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