Superior man brain thinking

‘Two minute noodles.

‘We have two packs.

‘Therefore we need four minutes? Yes?’

Go bro.

Hell’s teeth. Gotta love that male intelligence.

Seen on an Aussie outback vid.

Clue: Two minute noodles take … two minutes? Doesn’t matter how many packs.

Not when the men are in charge. They know better.

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4 Responses to Superior man brain thinking

  1. Totty says:

    Depends….if the Cobber was zapping them in the microwave, he would have been correct! Men like to be unnecessarily scientific.


  2. Boiling in water or microwave…..boiling water might a totally unknown skill to some…like moving 4 inches and putting glasses actually into the dishwasher not on top of it.
    Surprised there hasn’t been an online petition started to protest the stereotype of men being incompetent/clueless/stupid by this company. Protest the man bashing! HAHA You can convince some people to sign almost any petition these days if you phrase it right. Sad.
    Just curious did a gorgeous model in short shorts stroll up and fix it for them?


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