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Seal of approval

Some years ago my mother decided to buy a beautiful pair of sealskin (?) fur boots. They were amazingly warm. I know, I wore them a few times. She bought them from Bridlington in Yorkshire, UK, where not many seals … Continue reading

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Consumerism (6) – living boxes

After all, home entertainment sounds so dreary. And I can hardly title a blog, TVs, computers, gadgets, smartphones, iPads, video/DVD recorders, fax machines, can I? All suggestions for a better title will be carefully considered and will most likely be … Continue reading

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Consumerism (5) – burning up

Needing a break from the intellectual analysis of world poverty, I thought I would take a look at something simple. And totally related to world poverty – gas guzzlers. Of which we have a glorious three. I like to be … Continue reading

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Consumerism (4) – all I need is a pound a day

THOUGHT OF GIVING IT ALL AWAY TO A REGISTERED CHARITY, ALL I NEED IS A PINT POUND A DAY. (thanks paul for that one – ETA Band On The Run, suddenly realised people may not know that) Apparently that is … Continue reading

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Consumerism (3) – minimalism

No post on here (or roughseas) today as I have been updating Everypic where, should you be developing withdrawal symptoms, you can read about our minimalist life camping out at a beautiful finca. Link here.

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Consumerism (2) – holidays and travel

Holidays. The two weeks in the year that we all work towards. Or three, or four, depending on how blessed you are in your job. It always confused me why people seemed to accept slaving away for 50 weeks to … Continue reading

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Consumerism (1) – houses

The first in a new mini-series on consumerism, and my contribution towards it. I like to write mini-series. I like to write them so much, that I write the first post, and then another topic comes along that I want … Continue reading

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Happy World Sleep Day

Honestly I despair. I have read on a couple of blogs that it is World Cancer Day so I looked it up. Apparently 4 February is World Cancer Day as designated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). So what’s with … Continue reading

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Do you want another one?

Yes, please, I do. I was always taught to do the please thing unlike my partner who just totally misses it out and still gets what he wants. Without the P word. In this case, we had gone to stock … Continue reading

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Some thoughts. A week later.

It’s a week since International Women’s Day so no doubt everyone has forgotten about women and the odd few problems we have so we can all get back to normal. You know, the odd bit of DV, aka either assaulting … Continue reading

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Just another day shooting the shit out of a few poor animals

Please do not click on this link if you don’t wish to see photos of: a) a dead leopard, who sadly looks almost as though he is sleeping in the arms of his murderer b) a cut-off elephant’s tail, naturally … Continue reading

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I rest my case. Comment from the archives here. Even techier details here. Nothing new, incidentally, but y’all enjoy your steak and chips 🙂

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This one always leaves me bemused. You need experience to do the job, but how do you get a job without experience? The classic one advertised in Gib is in the gaming (aka gamblng but gaming sounds so much better … Continue reading

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Commonwealth day, colonialism, and imperialism

So, what does Commonwealth Day mean to anyone British? If you even know when it is (helpful hint – today). Is Commonwealth Day a remnant of colonialism? Doubt it. Doesn’t seem like anything in particular at all. Back in school, … Continue reading

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Saving Sergeant Rex.

I think this blog by Phil, Mouse of the Hedge, says it all. I am not into internet petitions, or any petitions, as I think they rarely work. But I have signed this one, and I would encourage anyone else … Continue reading

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Finding the right words

I’m a journalist. It should be water off a duck’s back, or inkless type on a computer, to find them. I can write a blog post in minutes – the time taken is faffing around with photos, and endless proof-reading … Continue reading

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Feedback and The Daily Post

The Daily Post puzzles me. For those non-WordPress readers of my blog, it is a somewhat difficult-to-find part of the WP set-up. I suppose it is a blog, and describes itself as ‘an experiment in blogging motivation from the folks … Continue reading

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Strange word. Distorted views of reality? But – what is reality? My view or yours? Is something distorted because it doesn’t fit with the norm? And again, who is to say what is the norm? Extract from my computer dictionary: … Continue reading

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Why I didn’t publish a comment

Luckily, I have found something to rant about today, so we are all happy. Health warning alert appears later. Some time ago, on one of my other many blogs, I posted a pic of me – link here. I wrote … Continue reading

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