Silly old women

Ageism and sexism in one.


I got a query recently about how to start blogging as a woman who is more than 50 years old.

Oh my goddess.

Do women of more than 50 know how to use a computer?

Did they know how to sort DOS in year 2000?

Of course not. Ha! (Were the little ones born then?)

That’s why the oldies are unable to work out how to blog.

I have been blogging for ten fucking years.

I have a shedload of readers who are more than 50. Many are women who can work out how to blog.

This is the most insulting query ever. Why women over 50. Why not men?

And why are women 50+ incompetent?

Disrespectful sexist youth.

Patriarchy anyone?

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I write about my life as an English person living in Spain and Gibraltar, on Roughseas, subjects range from politics and current developments in Gib to book reviews, cooking and getting on with life. My views and thoughts on a variety of topics - depending on my mood of the day - can be found over on Clouds. A few pix are over on Everypic - although it is not a photoblog. And of course my dog had his own blog, but most of you knew that anyway. Pippadogblog etc
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11 Responses to Silly old women

  1. @RSitM

    The aura of male faux-competence remains strong. I’m thinking if we do some moar work toward equality though, it will get better for *everybody*! (lollipops & unicorns for all!)

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  2. Why specify women of more than fifty years of age? I mean, how fucking stupid is that? Can they not work out how to key into wordpress (or blogger as I originally did) without needing help from some teen?

    Mobile phones in the 80s and internet too (patchy).

    How to get up my nose (not difficult) immediately.

    I ain’t doing the work for this little student. Get your arse on the street like I did and do a vox pop. See how easy that is.

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  3. lonestarlove says:

    Geesh!!! As a woman over 50 AND a blogger, I am also offended by that dumbasa query. I really have no words for the level of stupidity that question reflects of the inquisitor. SMH…

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    • Signs of the times, I suspect. Sadly.
      But ya knows, two degrees, and other qualifications, using computers for thirty years and advice for poor thick women over fifty on how to start blogging? Oh nos.
      1) Turn on computer
      No, wait, buy computer, need to add that first for stupid women
      2) Search for blogging platforms, that means, silly little women, key in blogs?
      3) Sign up
      4) Start writing whatever you wish.

      I’ve read more stupid blogs by teens than I have from older people, eg
      ‘Meh, I didn’t feel like doing anything today. Had a coffee and still felt crap.’ Ad infinitum.

      Oh, I never responded. Not. Worth. My. Time.

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  4. Inmates are running the asylum

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