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Fuck or lose your benefits? You think patriarchy doesn’t exist?

Hello Ms Roughseas, Jobcentre here. Have you got something for me? Yes, one of the owners of a local brothel would like you to be a prostitute. Obviously, if you refuse this job offer, your benefits will be cut. Aren’t … Continue reading

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More about Teh Menz

My friend Mak wrote a post asking ‘what about the menz’. This followed a Twitter exchange, which, should you be so inclined, you can read about on his blog post linked above. The detail, for the purpose of this post, … Continue reading

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Good old-time religion

I found an interesting quote today on a blog. K did three years at a Christian college but was kicked out for being a lesbian (she chose leaving over undergoing mandated conversion therapy). WTF is lesbian conversion therapy? Really? (The … Continue reading

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Because it’s a woman’s fault. A third of Britons believe a woman who acts flirtatiously is partially or completely to blame for being raped, according to a new study. If the woman was drunk, 4pc said she was totally responsible … Continue reading

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An example of sexism

Here is an advert for a mechanic, seen today on FB. While I agree with equal opportunities and that women have every right to be mechanics, this person is neither wearing overalls (note grease on body) nor toetectors. No. It … Continue reading

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Feminism and male homosexuality

Musing about feminism and men’s reactions, I asked my former neighbour and blogging friend of some years, Mr Merveilleux, for his views on homosexuality and feminism. From time to time, he posts on feminist issues, and, to me, it seems … Continue reading

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Feminism 101a – The Weary World of Mansplination

The Arb offered to do a guest post for me on feminism. Who am I to refuse? So here it is, on ‘mansplaining’. Unedited. All credit, copyright and my thanks for such a thoughtful post to The Arb. ******* As … Continue reading

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Love, jealousy, control … abuse

Many people seem to think that if jobs are open to men and women equally, then there is no sexism. Be quiet little women, your battle is over, it’s done. Because people think equal opportunities for employment is all that … Continue reading

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No. I don’t hate men

One of the silliest arguments I read on the internet is that all feminists hate men. Really, they, or rather, we, do. This is on a par with all feminists are hairy ugly lesbians, it is so ridiculous. The view … Continue reading

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With reference to ‘baiting’ and ‘playing games’

Or blog etiquette? My last post referred to a comment of mine on one blog, that was then made the subject of a post on another person’s blog (Tricia’s). Just to summarise, I pointed out that police officer is a … Continue reading

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