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Birthdays – and friends … again

Another year older. Sadder? Wiser? Sadder – in some respects. Wiser – not a chance!! First up, thanks to all my Facebook friends for the lovely greetings, wherever you come from, either geographically, or from various networks. You may be … Continue reading

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Death and bereavement

Remember the Funerals post here? Here is its companion. I ended that post having attended three funerals in my life, between the ages of approx 30 and 40. It seems from comments received on that post, that I wasn’t alone … Continue reading

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Public relations – in the NHS

Stress seemed like a good topic for the day – but in thinking about it, I thought I should precede it with one about public relations to give a little insight. As everyone probably doesn’t know, the average PR person … Continue reading

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Health issues – more smears ……

OK, a few stories about screening. The biggest story to hit the UK was when screening errors at Kent and Canterbury Hospital led to the deaths of eight women and 90,000 women were recalled for further tests. BBC News link … Continue reading

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