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Where are the women – in American politics?

I’ve read lots of enthusiasm and warmth and excitedness about the inauguration of Barack Obama as the new president of America. (Some) People are genuinely relieved to see the end of the Bush regime, and hope that this new Democrat … Continue reading

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Take it or leave it

One of the best parts of my MBA was a module called Creative Management. There was a nice introspective self-indulgent section that looked at your personal style, your management style, your role within teams, and where you fit in the … Continue reading

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Online gaming – and those all-American values

Well, I knew stuff all about gaming companies as I’m not the world’s biggest gambler. My experience of gambling/gaming has been: 1) Paying £1 a week into a lottery syndicate at work – it was more of an insurance policy … Continue reading

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What I like…

…or maybe don’t like – about men – is their complete lack of sensitivity and total inability to get the plot. I think that is sufficient. If this means nothing to you, then quite possibly, you are a man.

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……I had a good internet friend. We ‘met’ a couple of years ago, and exchanged the odd pm, email, had a few laughs and invariably fell out. But last Christmas/New Year (2007) we were on relatively sociable terms, and exchanged … Continue reading

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On friends……

I read this post on Flowerpot’s blog. It’s friends who are there. When you’ve been holding it all together and the smallest thing – like stubbing your toe – can release an outpouring of frustration, guilt, loneliness or fear. Or … Continue reading

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