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Workers’ rights

Workers’ rights – on the ground – are not doing too well here in Gibraltar. Life may be different in other parts of the world. The bizarre cross-border situation that makes up Gibraltar means we have a steady stream of … Continue reading

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Raggy trousers part dos

Such a dilemma. Animals or people. Animal rights, people rights. Dead lions, dead elephants, well just dead animals really. What to write about? Jo posted a nice one about it all and the hypocrisy surrounding okay to kill these animals … Continue reading

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Things that puzzle me

In no particular order: 1) Why do people have comment moderation for blogs about cookery, books, photography and other presumably inoffensive subjects? I can’t work out whether it is paranoia, over-inflated sense of self-importance or some strange form of blog … Continue reading

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Or, that’s my job, not yours. Those days have gone. For the most part. Oldies like me, who grew up before Thatcher destroyed the trade unions for good, may remember it though. There was no multi-tasking or crossing the boundary … Continue reading

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Hey! I can do that!

Writing, writing, writing I’m sure there is a song out there, that goes ‘riding, riding, riding’ but could I find it? However to move away from the previous posts about language, I thought I would write about, um, writing. Over … Continue reading

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Love them or loathe them. I fall into the second category for the most part. Probably because I have endured endless managerial/political ones in the NHS where someone tells you something that you already know. And you could have been … Continue reading

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Failing to meet

Company secretary. Nolan. Cadbury – no, not the crap chocolate bars. Code of Openness. Standing Orders. Public consultations. You name it, I knew it. Health legislation. Dealing with mental health incidents according to the law? That too. Nursing home regulations. … Continue reading

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Do journalists have morals?

Apparently not. A blogging friend recently compared plumbers with politicians, journalists, sex-offenders and bankers in the scheme of detritus of life. Given that my partner does plumbing work as part of his multi-skilled toolbox and I’m a trained and qualified … Continue reading

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And do you have any experience in..?

Or how to vet your potential interviewer/s in an extremely short space of time. While interviews in Gib have been utterly beyond belief, experiences in the UK, have also been worth a smile. However, I’ll start with the best one … Continue reading

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Irrelevant rants

Gah!! What is it with people who are not vegetarian and think they know everything about it because they only eat chicken or fish a few days a week? I’ve been doing this for 25 years or something like that. … Continue reading

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Black and white

I’m one of life’s down and outs. Or that’s what it feels like sometimes. Partner went to the job centre today to look at the board for craft trades. When he walked in, the security guy looked at him, didn’t … Continue reading

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Another job-hunting tale of woe

Employers. What are they like? Just a voice level test, reading out the weather. Really? So today’s ‘audition’ for a radio presenter post wasn’t quite what I had been led to believe. Oh no. The 20 minute voice level test … Continue reading

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Copyright – to © or not to ©

Does it matter? What has it got to do with the average blogger? There is no ‘average’ blogger though is there? I’ve read a couple of blogs recently discussing the use of copyright on photographs. leannecolephotography and Mike Hardisty Photography … Continue reading

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Please employers..?

Remember those halcyon days before the internet? When you looked at newspapers or magazines, noticed a job advert and sent for an information pack? It gave you the whole family tree about who was who, the bosses, your colleagues, what … Continue reading

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Catering for all tastes

Having a party? Entertaining at work? Does vegetarian food even cross your mind? It should do because nine times out of ten, the vegetarian food always seems to disappear the fastest. I say this as someone who has gone to … Continue reading

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Having a laugh

A little light relief is called for in the form of my job interview. Little being the operative word, as in a very little time was spent on it. Some of you may remember my previous post on roughseas where … Continue reading

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Oh! those appearances that count

Not those wretched appearances again? Well yes. But as this is basically just another feminist post, those of you who are disinterested in such wicked subversive thinking, now know to skip it. I was busily surfing away, to see what … Continue reading

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Falling off the end

Sometimes it is easier that way. Although it isn’t always even intentional. People just do fall off the end however, perhaps even moreso in our increasingly busy computerised lives. Some years ago I received a card from a former work … Continue reading

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Journalism (7) – public relations

But the lure of the newsroom and reporting called again. Or perhaps the politics of the government circuit in the 80s wasn’t for me. Or maybe we just wanted to escape from the south-east with our property boom money before … Continue reading

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Journalism (6) – the press office

‘Welcome to the Press Office.’ A tall James Coburn clone walked towards me down the huge office with his hand outstretched. What a seriously nice way to be greeted on your first day in a new job. The first thing … Continue reading

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