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Hunting (shooting and fishing)

The Ark pointed me towards a rather unpleasant blog post that linked hunting, women and vegetarianism. Sneaky, he knew I would have a view. And I did. In fact he pointed all his readers towards it as he devoted a … Continue reading

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Do I really care who is King of Spain?

No. But it seems we have to live with monarchies, or presidents. And presidents are pretty dire, it has to be said. Monarchies may cost the tax-payer money, but who would really want the endless round of presidential elections? I … Continue reading

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Seal of approval

Some years ago my mother decided to buy a beautiful pair of sealskin (?) fur boots. They were amazingly warm. I know, I wore them a few times. She bought them from Bridlington in Yorkshire, UK, where not many seals … Continue reading

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Just another day shooting the shit out of a few poor animals

Please do not click on this link if you don’t wish to see photos of: a) a dead leopard, who sadly looks almost as though he is sleeping in the arms of his murderer b) a cut-off elephant’s tail, naturally … Continue reading

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