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Just another day

A special day but you weren’t there for me Or if you were hidden in the crowd I didn’t see you No words, no greeting no thoughts, no good wishes You left me alone.

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Catering for all tastes

Having a party? Entertaining at work? Does vegetarian food even cross your mind? It should do because nine times out of ten, the vegetarian food always seems to disappear the fastest. I say this as someone who has gone to … Continue reading

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Fake meat? Processed food? Junk food? High protein meat-free ready meal? Fresh from the laboratory? All of those, and more. Or as the website says, a wonder food. Well, not quite, in my opinion. What is Quorn? It’s made from … Continue reading

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From the Peróns to the Kirchners …..

…… in one easy leap (via the Clintons) Argentina, I think, might as well just institute a monarchy. If the Peróns were treated with the sycophancy normally reserved for royal couples, the Kirchners have benefited from the same adulation. Not … Continue reading

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Strange timing – the Falklands dispute continues

Today marks the end of fighting in the Falkland Islands 30 years ago when the Argentinians surrendered to the British. For pedants out there, the British declared an end to military activities on the 20 June. So the fact that … Continue reading

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Aftermath of a royal visit….

‘Phone conversation: MR: ‘Buenos días Cristina (de Kirchner – president of Argentina), how are you?’ CK: ‘Buenos días Mariana (Rajoy – prime minister of Spain), bien, all things considering.’ MR: ‘I see you didn’t have much success getting the Brit … Continue reading

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Knowing you

You were a part of my daily life I thought of you on waking up You were my distraction from the dreary dismal duties of a working routine I would think of you once more before drifting off to sleep … Continue reading

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I always wanted an elephant when I was young. Thought our front garden was big enough. Why on earth do people want ivory? Greedy nasty humans. A Pitiful Tragedy We Could Have Prevented She was the oldest and the wisest. … Continue reading

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‘Hello, you’ll be fans of Chuck and Di then?’ said some strange Canadians. We shared a room together in a Sydney youth hostel. The Canadians, not Chuck, Di and I. Next up, they cleared off around Aus and the next … Continue reading

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It doesn’t matter to me*

Passion and me don’t really sit comfortably together. After all, I was brought up to think that emotion was something best left alone. But we all move on in life, and, there are the odd few things I can be … Continue reading

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