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Whatever next? How can the control of sandwich content and their sales affect someone’s overall diet? Uh? Story here There is more to what anyone eats in their daily life than a sad-looking sandwich bought out of desperation from a … Continue reading

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Why get married?

I have written enough about names – it’s time to write about getting married. And the truth is I have no idea why I got married. So that’s easy isn’t it? I was having a casual chat in a pub … Continue reading

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Mrs? or Ms, Miss? – yet again……

Oh dear. There is a long way to go. I read a rather better article elsewhere that of course I didn’t save, than this elsewhere. This is so depressing. The caption is so depressing. ‘Getting married? What do you call … Continue reading

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Condoms? Work of the devil…..

Words fail me. They really do. Well, almost. While travelling around Africa, it seems the epitomy of white, male, monied, powerful, European, misogynistic, conservative, academic, religious privilege has loftily reminded his flock that they should not be using condoms. Pope … Continue reading

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Getting married – changing your name? Why?

The short blog post would read – there is no need to (change names). But, as this is often one of the continual hot debates in feminist circles – along with ‘why get married anyway?’ and ‘why wear a wedding … Continue reading

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Giving to charity

I do not like being TOLD to give money to charity or being manipulated into feeling embarrassed if I choose not to give. Standing at the supermarket check-out I noticed a bucket with not very much change in it. On … Continue reading

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Oh no!! Not another ‘phone post!!

Except, my life seems to be dominated by telephones and telephone service providers at the moment. So after wondering what had happened to my last Nokia request, I suddenly received yet another mail from them. Good day to you. Kindly … Continue reading

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Yet another telephone rant……..

Our latest mobile phones are Nokia. They are not the latest most fashionable state-of-the-art mobile phones by Nokia. They just happen to be the latest, ie most recent ones we have bought. Just thought I would clear that up before … Continue reading

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Fucking Telefonica

Saga runs as follows. Go back to Spain and discover router doesn’t work. Probably died in one of the storms/heavy rains. Don’t see why but anyway it was dead. A few weeks after the warranty ran out but no doubt … Continue reading

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