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No. I don’t hate men

One of the silliest arguments I read on the internet is that all feminists hate men. Really, they, or rather, we, do. This is on a par with all feminists are hairy ugly lesbians, it is so ridiculous. The view … Continue reading

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Just an everyday in a sexist life

It’s easy to say, ‘I’m not sexist, racist, disablist, fattist, ageist’ etc. But what happens when someone challenges that? None of us like being challenged so the automatic response is ‘Oh, no, I’m not’. Except, how do we know? Ruth … Continue reading

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Just another ripping post into women …

Who couldn’t get excited about going to university? Leaving home for a whole new life. (Well, not quite, but more on that later.) Meeting really clever people, wondering if I would make the intellectual mark? (That was another delusion. Everyone … Continue reading

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No one else asked me

My mother was a deputy matron at 19 at the local nursery school. It was during the war, ie 1940s. The local nursery was so local that it was literally at the bottom of the garden of her parents’ home. … Continue reading

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Intent v impact?

Six years ago I wrote this: Browsing on the internet this week I seem to have read a lot about misunderstandings. They happen every day. We rarely see the world from someone else’s perspective. If we are lucky we occasionally … Continue reading

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Hunting (shooting and fishing)

The Ark pointed me towards a rather unpleasant blog post that linked hunting, women and vegetarianism. Sneaky, he knew I would have a view. And I did. In fact he pointed all his readers towards it as he devoted a … Continue reading

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From operating theatres to real ones. The ones where you sit in a comfy (hopefully) chair, and sit back to be entertained for two or three hours. Or fall asleep if it’s boring. A bit like being asleep in the … Continue reading

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Views from a hospital bed

Spending weeks in hospital waiting for an op gives plenty of time for useless musing. So in no particular order … Staff Consultants are the same the world over. No more to be said there. Similarly porters and cleaners. Pretty … Continue reading

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Today’s free offer: a female slave and cashback too

My short-lived addiction to browsing religious blogs has been cured. I hope. On the other hand, I’m rather drawn to some of the atheist ones. Visiting (briefly) the religious ones, I was very impressed with the way all the atheists … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies, and ‘The Bible’

Sadly I have wasted far too much time reading some religious blogs of late. Given that I am not religious, I have no exposure to crusading missionaries and religious zealots in my day-to-day life. And while I am not easily … Continue reading

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How to fall out

What better to do with a million things on the ‘to do’ list than write a blog post to avoid doing what I should be doing? Writing about comments over on Kev’s stuff, I was minded to think about issues … Continue reading

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The theory of relativity

Or rather, relative wealth and relative luck. Although perhaps space and time have something to do with it. Example 1 Writing about books over on roughseas, I mentioned Helen Fielding. She wrote Bridget Jones’ Diary. She also went to my … Continue reading

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Or, that’s my job, not yours. Those days have gone. For the most part. Oldies like me, who grew up before Thatcher destroyed the trade unions for good, may remember it though. There was no multi-tasking or crossing the boundary … Continue reading

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Hey! I can do that!

Writing, writing, writing I’m sure there is a song out there, that goes ‘riding, riding, riding’ but could I find it? However to move away from the previous posts about language, I thought I would write about, um, writing. Over … Continue reading

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The right to free speech or the right to freely offend and insult?

While I am busy bemoaning the use of sexist language that derides women, (see previous post) the rest of the world is busy working itself into a frenzy following Penguin Books India’s decision to recall Wendy Doniger’s book ‘The Hindus: … Continue reading

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A scary tale – keep your distance

I read a disturbing blog yesterday. In fact I probably spent most of the morning reading it, and the nearly 300 comments on the first post. Ironically, I found it through a vegan blog, which I had found from another … Continue reading

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Whacky week on WordPress

Flitting around earlier, as you do, when there are more important things that needed doing, I came upon one of my pet hates. One of those requests that you head over to some site or other to vote for the … Continue reading

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No! Not more blogging tips … sadly, yes

Down to basics, or nuts and bolts or whatever you call it. Some simple, very simple tips about the mechanics of blogging. But first, another dream comment from WP. Publicising their 2014 theme – which I do NOT recommend – … Continue reading

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Love them or loathe them. I fall into the second category for the most part. Probably because I have endured endless managerial/political ones in the NHS where someone tells you something that you already know. And you could have been … Continue reading

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A blog is a minestrone, served up with Parmesan cheese

I should, of course, have called this Ten Top Tips for Blogging, or Ten Golden Blogging Rules. Except there aren’t any. One person’s view of the correct way to blog isn’t another’s. But as I have read a plethora of … Continue reading

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