It doesn’t matter to me*

Passion and me don’t really sit comfortably together.

After all, I was brought up to think that emotion was something best left alone.

But we all move on in life, and, there are the odd few things I can be passionate about.

Should you choose to stick your head in the sand, I suggest you read no further.

Alternatively, if you do, you may wish to consider what a horrible species humans truly are.

If you plough through the bad bits, there is a reward with a good story to end on.

All posts courtesy of Stop Animal Abuse.

This is just dogs. I could equally have written about horses, cows, elephants, rhinos, panthers, cats – the list is endless.

Please don’t sit around and say it ‘it doesn’t matter to me’. Why not?

Either give money to an animal charity, rehome an unwanted animal, or like my parter did, when you see someone kicking a horse, tell them you will smack the fuck out of them if they don’t stop.

1) A frail puppy found abandoned in a box in a Fife town is so badly injured vets may have to amputate one of its legs.

Scotland‘s leading animal welfare charity was called to rescue the five-month-old male collie cross from an address in Methil Brae on Monday.

The residents said they found the pup in a cardboard box on open ground between Methil Brae and Ossian Crescent about 11.30pm the previous evening.

The little black and white pup had suffered two broken legs, leaving him in pain and unable to walk.

2) Guilty plea entered in Jonesborough dog torture-killing

The man accused of killing Honey, a four-pound Yorkshire Terrier mix that was his family’s pet, told a judge Wednesday during a plea hearing he had no excuse for his behavior but revealed he was using drugs and alcohol at the time.

In his description of what happened, Harrell told Cupp he threw the dog down the stairs, held her head under water and put her in the clothes dryer. He said the incident took place over 3½ to 4 hours.

“I killed and tortured my family dog,” Harrell said. “I could tell you what I did to cause my actions, but everything was a choice.”

3) Stray dogs are being rounded up and killed in the run up to Euro 2012 so that Ukraine can look spick and span for visiting foreign football teams and supporters.

Animal rights activists found animals were being shot, poisoned and hanged by “street cleaning” squads — with some even being taken to crematoriums and feared incinerated alive.

4) Blood Soaked Puppy, Found Wandering Streets With Horrific Bites & Burns – Bait Pup

Today TAF was called by Diane, the shelter manager at the Animal Welfare League’s Wabash facility, about a severely burned dog who had been used as bait. The blood soaked puppy was found walking down the street by police in the Englewood area of Chicago. Bridgid, from Project Rescue Chicago, went down to AWL and picked up the puppy, taking him straight to our vet at Animal Care Center of Chicago. 

5) ‘Thinnest Dog ever seen alive’ by RSPCA

The Staffordshire cross was left to die in a cardboard box dumped in a lay-by — and when she was found she did not even have the strength to lift her head to eat or drink.

But – here – is a happy ending story. Why don’t they all end up like this? 😦

California group gives Texas dog national hero award

Three years ago, Bear was a 100-pound Shiloh German shepherd nobody wanted at a Texas shelter.

Debbie Zeisler came to his rescue. She has lost count of the times since then that he has come to hers.

Last month, Bear was honored with the 30th National Hero Dog award by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles.

Last May, Zeisler had a seizure, fell down some steps, hit her head and lost consciousness in her front yard. Bear scratched on every front door in their Millsap neighborhood but nobody answered. A Parker County animal control officer saw the frantic dog and went to help. Bear led the officer to Zeisler.

As a by-then conscious Zeisler was being loaded into an ambulance, Bear did not hesitate to jump in with her and accompany her to the hospital.

The dog recognizes the signs of imminent seizures and will lean on Zeisler’s legs so she can sit down before they happen, explained the society’s Ana Bustilloz.

Bear never had any training, but three days after Zeisler took him home he started alerting her to possible problems. “He figured it out on his own,” Bustilloz said.

The sometimes daily seizures started after a horse riding accident 18 years ago.

Zeisler said she initially went to the Weatherford Animal Shelter to get a German shepherd for her mother. When she asked about shepherds, she was told they only had one, but he was in the back because nobody wanted him.They brought out the dog and it was love at first sight, she said.

Zeisler has fallen a couple of times when she didn’t heed Bear’s warning. The dog will fetch her medicine or stay with her, whichever she seems to need, she said.

As National Hero Dog, Bear gets free dog food for a year, the trip to California for him and Zeisler, a stay at an oceanfront hotel in Huntington Beach and a plaque. The ceremony honoring Bear was held at the Nokia Plaza in downtown Los Angeles.

*Redgum – It doesn’t matter to me. Nothing to do with animals – just a song about general apathy that really sums it all up.

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34 Responses to It doesn’t matter to me*

  1. EllaDee says:

    This is a good topic to be passionate about, and I need to breathe after reading this post. Thank you for including the Bear story to calm my racing pulse and murderous hatred of the perpetrators of the 5 crimes against dogs and all that is right. I am so glad that although humanity thinks it rules the world, it doesn’t and there is a higher power through which all things exist also even although we don’t always understand the workings of it. Earth’s justice for those horrible miscreants isn’t sufficient even if they are at some stage sorry and I believe karma, right or whatever you want to call it will come to them good, hard, or kind and true.


    • I know people don’t want to read these stories. I don’t either. I tried to keep them brief for that reason. But, from time to time, it’s worth a post, to me.

      I read the Bear one a while back and never got round to posting. I thought today that it made a good contrast with the horrific abusive stories. Here is a dog, who doesn’t speak English (!) and is saving someone’s life. How intelligent is that? Seriously.

      And yet, the other stories portray people who treat animals as though they are some type of inferior beings. I think not. Bah!! I could write a post a day on this one – relax! I won’t.

      I like to think karma will hit them hard at some point too. Where it hurts. A bit like the drug traffickers I guess.


  2. I don’t like dogs and I’m not afraid to say it! The streets round here are full of shit! I don’t like unkindness though. Stray dogs are a problem – I think you would have to agree? In the run up to the Athens Olympics in 2004 the Greek authorities rounded up all the stray dogs in the city, kept them while the Games were on then sterilized them and let them go so the stray dog problem in Athens should eventually just go away! A good solution I think!
    Let’s not also forget though that it’s not just animals – humans are capable of incredible unkindness to each other – 6 million Jews murdered in WW2, mass genocide in former Yugoslavia, ethnic cleansing in Central Africa, Brutal killings in Syria and so on and so on and in the scale of things that bothers me more!


    • I remember you don’t, so I was a bit surprised you commented. If the streets around where you live are full of shit, then that is the fault of the people who have dogs, but not the fault of the dogs.

      This isn’t unkindness, this is cruelty and torturing sentient beings. Drowning a dog and then tumble-drying it isn’t exactly unkind. It is downright sick and abusive.

      No I don’t agree stray dogs are a problem. People breeding dogs for money, other people dumping dogs when they are fed up with them are a problem. All dogs want is a life. I’ve never met a feral dog that was aggressive. Whether in a UK council estate (usually where they hang out) or in our streets in Spain.

      As for the comments about Athens, I think spaying and neutering is a good idea. But just to prettify a city for the Olympics? How superficial can you get? And no it won’t sort the problem, because as soon as the next batch of dogs are dumped on the street then the situation re-occurs.

      The same type of people who kill animals kill people. And you are talking history. This isn’t the 1940s, this is May 2012 and people are torturing animals. Yes, people are killing each other elsewhere, but we are talking about a non-war zone in so-called white western civilised countries, and I do care that this is happening.

      If there is an animal you do like, let me know and I’ll find some death and torture to write about 🙂


      • New Born Puppy found in West Carrollton trash

        The Montgomery County Resource Center investigates more than 1200 cases of dog cruelty every year. Now, a West Carollton woman is calling on the animal shelter for help.

        Dumped in the trash bin!
        “It does disgust me. I cried. It was really heartbreaking.,” said Chelsea Adkins.

        She and her husband tossed out their trash Sunday evening at their apartment complex on Wendy Way, when they heard a noise coming from inside a trash bag in the dumpster. When they opened it, they found a tiny puppy inside.

        “We took the trash bag out and went through it. She was on the bottom, covered with food, beer bottles, and some of their mail,” said Chelsea.

        She’s shocked someone could be so cruel.

        “People are evil. I don’t know how anybody could do that, especially to a baby, a newborn. She can’t even see yet,” Chelsea said.


      • WOW! A rant response.
        Actually I find it bizarre that when it comes down to priorities people care so little about man’s inhumanity to man whilst shedding bucket loads of tears about animals. Not that I think animal cruelty is acceptable you understand, it’s simply a matter of perspective.
        I like cats – cats are intelligent!


        • There is no rant response. When I write about animal cruelty, I do it cold-bloodedly.

          While we are at it, how about people’s inhumanity to people. Because a lot of the time it is against women. Not men.

          Ironically, perhaps we aren’t so far apart. I find it bizarre that people bleat about animal cruelty and then turn round and eat them without a care for the world.

          My perspective is that I think animals are more intelligent and thoughtful than people. I think your post bears that one out 🙂

          I’ll do cats though. Next.

          PS so the dog who saves the woman from seizures is not intelligent??????


          • I’m going to bail out at this point. When a conversation sinks to personal insults it becomes irrational. I understand your thoughts, sadly you seem unable to accommodate mine. Let’s leave it there!


          • I’m not sure where the personal insults come from. I don’t see any.

            Your thoughts seem to be, you don’t like dog shit on the streets, you don’t like dogs, and who gives a toss about animals anyway? Did I get that wrong?


          • Insult – ‘My perspective is that I think animals are more intelligent and thoughtful than people. I think your post bears that one out ‘
            Yes – surely no one does?
            Yes – I don’t like rats, snakes or slugs either
            No – I didn’t say that – you got that wrong!
            I just care more about people.
            Damn! I said I was going to let it go!!!


          • Insult – ‘My perspective is that I think animals are more intelligent and thoughtful than people. I think your post bears that one out ‘

            Don’t see why that is an insult?
            My opinion, yes, but not an insult. [I can do insulting]

            Yes – surely no one does?
            We don’t like lots of things in life but why blame the dogs whose fault it isn’t?
            FFS – In your words – in the scheme of things, just walk around it. Like you walk around the other shit in life.
            I’m writing about animal cruelty and torture, and you are whining about dog shit.

            Yes – I don’t like rats, snakes or slugs either

            We all got to live. They have their place in the cycle of life. Laughing at the thought of you faced with a rat in my chicken shed.

            No – I didn’t say that – you got that wrong!
            It did come over that way. And – qv below says it all.

            I just care more about people.
            Your choice to discriminate. Lucky you can do so. Animals can’t.

Damn! I said I was going to let it go!!!


          • bluonthemove says:

            Well, that’s nasty meat eating me told, better stop giving money to animal charities.


          • whoa! where did that come from?

            everyone reading this blog knows I am vegetarian and into animal rights.

            this particular discussion is about how little animals matter – not the same thing


          • bluonthemove says:

            I thought I was agreeing with you, about the hypocrisy of people who “bleat about animal cruelty and then turn round and eat them without a care for the world”. I know it is a hypocritical stance, but since I would never give up eating meat……


          • LOL! OK. Thanks for explaining. I would have said that too – once. I was a rare fillet steak woman, now I’m happy with chick peas. Truth is I don’t want to eat animals, pretty simple really.


        • Vicky says:

          I hope you never lose your sight and need a guide cat 😉


    • Vicky says:

      Why does the torture and abuse of human life bother you more than that of animals?

      Are you saying you don’t like dogs because the streets are full of shit?
      Stray dogs are a problem?
      Now I wonder who’s fault that is?

      As for rounding up the stray dogs, and letting them go again, sterilised or not, what F***ing good does that do?
      There’ll still be stray dogs shitting on the pavement!!!


  3. free penny press says:

    Humans are a cruel lot.. towards themselves, towards animals, towards the earth.. hell, towards anything they feel is non-important..
    I don’t understand it…


  4. @ Andrew.

    You started this with your extreme views! Enough now – let it go!

    This is my blog, and whether you consider my views extreme or not is irrelevant to me.

    I do not consider abhorring animal cruelty extreme, rather, ignoring it is extreme.

    [Note to self – write about animal cruelty and someone complains about dog shit – that says it all in life]


    • I deleted your last comment. I said, no more.
      If you don’t understand animal cruelty because you don’t like dog shit on the pavement that is your choice.

      !) I do not like sexist language on my blogs
      2) I do not accept ignorant comments about animals
      3) I don’t like people who don’t read my posts – dog saves woman from seizure. He saved her fucking life.


  5. reb says:

    Upsetting, to put it mildly. It brings out the worst in me … maybe it’s the ‘reptile brain’ that comes to life. Always does in these cases. I have a cat. I do donate to the local shelter here. I’m not a vegetarian [but I dated a British vegan for quite some time 😮 ]. I’ll never understand the human race, methinks..


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