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A vegetarian meal

It was the firm’s Christmas meal today, and ever-mindful of Partner being vegetarian, the director organising it had requested a vegetarian meal for him. He’d had breakfast at the appointed venue recently and said it was pretty good, so he … Continue reading

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Arse of the Week Award

First prize goes to the totally ignorant inconsiderate driver on Queensway on Saturday afternoon who seemed to think a) it was necessary to speed, and b) specifically speed through puddles and splash passers-by. In fact, not just splash passers-by, soak … Continue reading

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Printer/scanners – HP Photosmart All-in-One

So on going away for my holiday, I disconnected the printer and the computer, via the USB cable. Turned everything off at the switch (just in case) even though we have surge protectors. Put computer – laptop – away carefully. … Continue reading

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