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Today’s free offer: a female slave and cashback too

My short-lived addiction to browsing religious blogs has been cured. I hope. On the other hand, I’m rather drawn to some of the atheist ones. Visiting (briefly) the religious ones, I was very impressed with the way all the atheists … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies, and ‘The Bible’

Sadly I have wasted far too much time reading some religious blogs of late. Given that I am not religious, I have no exposure to crusading missionaries and religious zealots in my day-to-day life. And while I am not easily … Continue reading

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How to fall out

What better to do with a million things on the ‘to do’ list than write a blog post to avoid doing what I should be doing? Writing about comments over on Kev’s stuff, I was minded to think about issues … Continue reading

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