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So near, so far

Last night I dreamed of you once more Reaching out my subconscious took me on a journey Not to visit you but to wander and to enjoy that beautiful place you call home The urge to get in touch and … Continue reading

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The politics of cycling

It’s only taken 99 years for a Briton to win the Tour de France (important cycle race if you haven’t heard of it). And not only that, we did it in style, managing second place as well. Normally we usually … Continue reading

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Another job-hunting tale of woe

Employers. What are they like? Just a voice level test, reading out the weather. Really? So today’s ‘audition’ for a radio presenter post wasn’t quite what I had been led to believe. Oh no. The 20 minute voice level test … Continue reading

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Food for the gods at the Olympics

I am right I think? The Olympics are being held in London? Yes? I think London is part of Great Britain and the UK and all that. So what should they be eating there? Well, I would like to be … Continue reading

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Fat is a health issue…..

….Not just a feminist issue (Susie Orbach 1978 and 1982). Obesity is going to be the world’s next biggest health problem apparently. Unlike starvation for example, which clearly doesn’t matter because rich western countries don’t suffer from it. Well, poor … Continue reading

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Copyright – to © or not to ©

Does it matter? What has it got to do with the average blogger? There is no ‘average’ blogger though is there? I’ve read a couple of blogs recently discussing the use of copyright on photographs. leannecolephotography and Mike Hardisty Photography … Continue reading

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Baby boomers

I didn’t know I was a baby boomer. Amazing the things you learn in your fifties. To me baby boomers were 60s babies, maybe something to do with the whole idea of sex and hippies. But a bit of research … Continue reading

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Up close and personal

One of the anomalies about WordPress’s Daily Post is that it isn’t. Apparently set up to encourage people to post daily, one would have thought they could at least manage a regular post every day. In my usual helpful and … Continue reading

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The Rock

It started with a small fissure in the rock Imperceptibly over time the impact of wind and rain started the erosion Until one day that tiny crack had suddenly become a gaping chasm But we built a bridge across that … Continue reading

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Please employers..?

Remember those halcyon days before the internet? When you looked at newspapers or magazines, noticed a job advert and sent for an information pack? It gave you the whole family tree about who was who, the bosses, your colleagues, what … Continue reading

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