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Female suffrage? Equal rights anyone?

A friend posted something on FB about celebrating the anniversary of female suffrage. The article was from an American newspaper dated yesterday because the 26 August 1920 was when women in America got the right to vote. (Link here and … Continue reading

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I thought a brief explanation about survival rates might be helpful. Before I started working in the health service, I had no idea what the concept meant. I figured it meant you either lived for ever or you died. But … Continue reading

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Cancer – and that time of year

Oh dear. It is that time of year where women start posting crass comments on facebook about the colour (of their bra), the state (of their hair), where they like it (left their handbag) and now the latest one, which … Continue reading

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Health service rationing

Everyone knows health care is rationed. Don’t they? Whether it is funded, or not funded, by government or insurance companies – or you pay for it privately – it is still rationed because money is finite. It is just not … Continue reading

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