Printer/scanners – HP Photosmart All-in-One

So on going away for my holiday, I disconnected the printer and the computer, via the USB cable. Turned everything off at the switch (just in case) even though we have surge protectors. Put computer – laptop – away carefully.

I have done this before, I might add. Come back, reconnect everything, all working fine. This morning, decide to scan something in. Oh. No. Scanner and computer not having a bar of it. Won’t print either. In fact, despite being about two centimetres away from each other, they apparently are unaware of each other’s existence.

What is really really really annoying, is that I had this problem a couple of months ago. At the time, I uninstalled the printer software – HP Photosmart C5280 All-In-One – and reinstalled it. Again and again. Of course every time I did this my printer apparently wasn’t supported by the installation. Er why not?

It was, over a year ago when I bought it and worked perfectly well then. So I emailed HP support and got no response. There was nothing on the website – that I could find – that was remotely relevant. Mostly geared towards PCs and Windows anyway. Note to HP – way to go. Alienate any potential Mac customers. Don’t bother making your on-line chat with a technician compatible with the built-in Mac browser – Safari.

Still annoyed, somewhat later, I emailed HP again to point out their guaranteed 24 hour response had not happened. Some days later in fact. At this point I did get a reasonable response from someone asking what my problem was as they didn’t have a record of it. It was hardly a helpful response but at least it was a response which was more than I had received so far.

But then Irritating Partner finally decided to take a week’s holiday and started by instructing me to buy a memory stick, back everything up and reinstall my operating system. OK, so I knew I should be backing up stuff anyway. Just needed a bit of motivation. But with arse duly kicked, I trotted off to the shop, bought the biggest memory stick they had, and backed everything up. Very fast. Impressed really. Not half the chore I expected.

Next step, obliterate everything, gasp, gulp. And reinstall Mac OS X. Which didn’t take too long. Lo and behold. We were up and running again. Reinstalled everything off the memory stick. No probs there either. Finally, fingers crossed, reinstalled the HP printer software. *Yay* That worked too. So what the fuck is wrong with it now???????? In approximately two weeks, why has it taken a hissy fit again?

This will be the last fucking time I EVER buy anything with an HP tag on it, I can say. There had better be a good response coming from the support centre. (It hasn’t arrived yet, needless to state). Tips, advice or helpful comments from anyone who has any idea what on earth to do, would be more than welcome. You might even warrant a job with HP’s technical department.

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1 Response to Printer/scanners – HP Photosmart All-in-One

  1. Jeannie says:

    I am sorry, but just reading this post brought me out in spots.or some phobic reaction.Printers are the work of the devil, and scanners.And the devil is HP Incarnate. We have HP, a bottle of bloody HP Sauce would be more use some days.You have my sympathy.Deepest.


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