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Right, said Fred, these vegetarians have to go

Roughseas, If I may. There are a growing number of vegetarians among Jewish people, especially in Israel. In Genesis, God originally gave a vegetarian diet, but modified it to allow for changing world conditions. I was vegetarian for many years … Continue reading

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Homophobia in Gib

One of the reasons people say they dislike Gibraltar is that it is so small, everyone knows everyone else’s business. Chatting to one of our many neighbours, a Gibraltarian told Partner how he’d been friends in his youth with some … Continue reading

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Are religious people mad, crazy, insane?

Well, hand on heart, my simple answer is yes, but is anything in life simple? But before the fundy squad stones me, Violet and Sirius ban me, just wait. Over on Violet’s she asked me to try and explain what’s … Continue reading

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