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Just another ripping post into women …

Who couldn’t get excited about going to university? Leaving home for a whole new life. (Well, not quite, but more on that later.) Meeting really clever people, wondering if I would make the intellectual mark? (That was another delusion. Everyone … Continue reading

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From death to trivia

Originally posted on Work of the Negative: A Marxist-Humanist blog:
From the new March-April 2013 issue of News & Letters: Editorial State of the U.S. wars The opening of Barack Obama’s second term made it clear that, despite all talk…

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More rape – of men, and coal

Court-martialled in World War II. For throwing an officer over the side (of a ship). The father-in-law who I never knew, because he had died before I had even met my husband. William was on the way to Dunkirk, and … Continue reading

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Strange timing – the Falklands dispute continues

Today marks the end of fighting in the Falkland Islands 30 years ago when the Argentinians surrendered to the British. For pedants out there, the British declared an end to military activities on the 20 June. So the fact that … Continue reading

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Aftermath of a royal visit….

‘Phone conversation: MR: ‘Buenos días Cristina (de Kirchner – president of Argentina), how are you?’ CK: ‘Buenos días Mariana (Rajoy – prime minister of Spain), bien, all things considering.’ MR: ‘I see you didn’t have much success getting the Brit … Continue reading

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‘Hello, you’ll be fans of Chuck and Di then?’ said some strange Canadians. We shared a room together in a Sydney youth hostel. The Canadians, not Chuck, Di and I. Next up, they cleared off around Aus and the next … Continue reading

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Who won the war?

I didn’t know America won it for us all. Did they? I thought we managed it all on our little selves on D-Day. Or whenever. Didn’t Americans come in at the last minute when their ships were targeted somewhere far … Continue reading

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Journalism (4) – politics and Thatcher

Ah. Margaret. How many lives did she influence back then? Or even end? But let’s start at the beginning. Sitting in chemistry class at my private all-girls school. We adored our teacher. Slim, attractive, slick dyed hair, make-up, smart suits, … Continue reading

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Commonwealth day, colonialism, and imperialism

So, what does Commonwealth Day mean to anyone British? If you even know when it is (helpful hint – today). Is Commonwealth Day a remnant of colonialism? Doubt it. Doesn’t seem like anything in particular at all. Back in school, … Continue reading

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