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Or rather, Attaboys. Worthy of a Sun headline perhaps? On the lines of Gotcha. (A reference to the sinking of the ARA Belgrano by the RN in 1982.) Readers will know I’m among the first to denounce endless unnecessary military … Continue reading

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Do journalists have morals?

Apparently not. A blogging friend recently compared plumbers with politicians, journalists, sex-offenders and bankers in the scheme of detritus of life. Given that my partner does plumbing work as part of his multi-skilled toolbox and I’m a trained and qualified … Continue reading

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More super shopping

Shopping never fails to amaze me. Not that I do it very often, and try my best to palm off that tedious task onto Partner. Even doing the washing up or mopping the floors is a worthwhile trade. As my … Continue reading

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Travel theme: animals

I thought I would do a challenge for once. Aw, some cute animal photos? It’s from ‘Where’s my backpack?’ who, like half the blogging world, does a weekly challenge theme. The current one is animals, to celebrate World Animal Day … Continue reading

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I have to say for once that I have little to write. Sensitive souls may read on, this is not an animal abuse post, ie there is no vicious cruelty reported or depicted. Although, one could say that invading an … Continue reading

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Journalism (5) – career moves

One day, a colleague took me aside and confided that she was applying for a new job. In PR. ‘In PR!’ I said, horrified. ‘Whatever for? Don’t you like being a journalist?’I asked, thinking that was all anyone would ever … Continue reading

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Consumerism (7) – it doesn’t matter to me

The much-heralded post and the final one in the series. Perhaps the most important one too. Oh. Why? Because it is the one where you can make a difference. I was going to insert a terribly clever digression here to … Continue reading

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Consumerism (5) – burning up

Needing a break from the intellectual analysis of world poverty, I thought I would take a look at something simple. And totally related to world poverty – gas guzzlers. Of which we have a glorious three. I like to be … Continue reading

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Consumerism (2) – holidays and travel

Holidays. The two weeks in the year that we all work towards. Or three, or four, depending on how blessed you are in your job. It always confused me why people seemed to accept slaving away for 50 weeks to … Continue reading

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On hitch-hiking

For no particular reason, I was recently reflecting on my hitch-hiking experiences of the distant past. I was of course, brought up ‘never, NEVER, to accept a lift from a stranger.’ Not bad advice by any stretch of the imagination. … Continue reading

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The other day I bumped into someone I know who lives nearby. I know them well enough to stand around chatting to. It turned out we were going in the same direction. My heart sank. I did not want to … Continue reading

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Where are you going?

So there I was, standing at the bus stop as you do, when you are waiting for a bus. I’d been there about 15 minutes and the bus was due soonish. Suddenly a car pulls into the bus stop, and … Continue reading

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Driving test

Well done on passing your test. Now you need to learn how to drive. How many of us have heard that one? Oh, and who is it usually from? Men, who invariably didn’t pass first time, and continue to break … Continue reading

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