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Celebrities on Clouds

Back in the 80s we were working in London. I was in Chepstow Place and he was working in Park Street (Mayfair) for a rather up himself git. His was a big job. Park Street had a lot of Crown … Continue reading

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That virtual dinner party

So, you are all invited to roughseas virtual New Year Party. Tomorrow say, so you can get on with your own thing on NYE. And at lunchtime too, nothing better than Sunday lunch. Shall we say, 12 noon for 1pm … Continue reading

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In terms of being the perfect hostess you can put me right at the bottom of the list. Not the bottom of ten or a hundred, but at least a thousand, or ten thousand. I hate the staged spectacle of … Continue reading

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There were times when I thought we almost understood each other. Something special something together shared laughter love sorrows trust life. Until one day it stopped.

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Men who can cook

And those who can – and don’t. Or to put it another way: Men who can cook, do. Men who can cook, don’t. As for men who can’t cook, they don’t either. Fortunately. With apologies to George Bernard Shaw (Man … Continue reading

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A primitive society?

I haven’t written about the recent American gun shooting. Or even the Chinese knifing. Although I have read plenty of views on both. I did read one article that pointed out that every time there is yet another shooting in … Continue reading

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A brief revival

They say New love is the brightest They say Long love is the greatest They also say Revived love is the tenderest thing known on earth They forgot to say That when it crashes down around you Again It hurts … Continue reading

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Irrelevant rants

Gah!! What is it with people who are not vegetarian and think they know everything about it because they only eat chicken or fish a few days a week? I’ve been doing this for 25 years or something like that. … Continue reading

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Irresponsible journalism at its worst

There is no such thing as a prank call. Purporting to be someone you aren’t is disingenuous at best, and more frequently, lying. Disregarding the issue of how a couple of Aussie music programme presenters can possibly emulate the Queen … Continue reading

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On being sick

Everyone knows that having a cold is nothing at all, and you should just grin and bear it. I know that, because that was how I was brought up. While I was despatched off to school, snuffling, coughing, spewing phlegm … Continue reading

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