That virtual dinner party

So, you are all invited to roughseas virtual New Year Party. Tomorrow say, so you can get on with your own thing on NYE.

And at lunchtime too, nothing better than Sunday lunch. Shall we say, 12 noon for 1pm or anytime thereafter? Which combines British timing with slack Spanish late eating hours.

It will be a buffet of course. No way (see previous post) am I dishing up endless courses for a sit-down meal.

I don’t need to say it, but it will also be vegetarian. There will be a couple of token veg items, but mostly it will be vegan.

So those of you who can’t manage without jamon serrano, seafood, beef etc etc can send your apols right now.

Pre-luncheon drinks would be around of course.

Fresh orange juice

Fizzy water

Still water (maybe Gibwater in fact?)

Beer – probably San Miguel as that’s what we drink

A few specialist beers eg Ruddles, Worthington White Shield, and Peroni (for one of my guests)

Some boring bitter for those of you who like it. (Nothing beats Tetleys out o’ t’ pump).

Spirits for those of you who drink them? Gin, vodka, um, what else is there? Tonic to go with them, and tomato juice to go with vodka.

A nice chilled manzanilla, from Chiclana I think.

And wine? An average dry white (currently drinking an Italian white Chardonnay) and probably a reasonable and cheap Rioja – Cuña – I think it is called.

Some cava – I am not paying for champagne – and you can always mix it with orange juice. Bucks Fizz no less. I see there is something called Mimosa which people seem to drink that has more cava and less orange juice. Hmm, I think we will stick to Bucks Fizz in my home.

Agua de Valencia? Ouch!! I urge caution with this one.

Onto the food.

It might be winter, but I would probably do a jug of gazpacho. I like gazpacho and courtesy of my Spanish neighbour, I do an extremely good one.

Bowls of marinated olives, black ones and green ones, and some with pickles.

Mixed nuts too. Not too keen on crisps so you are unlikely to find those.

Hummus. I would make it. Supermarket ones are ok, just that I would prefer to make my own. Warning – it will be garlicky and lemony.

Olive pate – black version and green one. Home-made again because so easy. Mushroom pate too. All these are an easy fix.

Better add some bread for this lot. Shan’t bother making that, will raid Morrisons, probably for Batard, pain de campagna, boule, and similar breads.

Butter for those of you who want it, either Yeo organic or Morrisons, and maybe an unsalted one too. I dislike spreads, so you won’t find that.

I think a bowl of lemons is needed for you to squeeze on all these spread things.

Crudités? I don’t usually do those oddly enough. Not sure people are keen on sticks of celery and carrot. Although I do like radishes. They may appear.

Onto the cheese thing.

People like cheese, so I’ll do a token cheese board. It will have to be organic for choice and definitely vegetarian.

Boring old organic cheddar, maybe a crumbly Brit cheese like caerphilly, a French Brie, and something else. Not sure what.

I could always do that old standby, celery sticks stuffed with cream cheese. Yum.

Eggs? Well, I think two types of stuffed eggs. One with basil, parsley, garlic, capers, mayo/olive oil and the others curried.

Lots of salads:

• rice salad – with any of chilli, peppers, mushroom, onion, capers and olives, tomatoes, grated carrot

• green salad – lots of fresh leaves

• pasta salad – tomato, peppers, capers, onion, olives

• potato salad – yes, capers, onion, olives

• beetroot on its own as it messes up the other salad

• tomato salad on its own

• roasted pimientoes

• sweetcorn salad

I probably need to make a couple of dressings for those of you who like mustard and those of you who just want to add your own wine vinegar/oil/lemon juice.

Meanwhile, there won’t be any jacket potatoes. I know these get dished up at buffet dos but they are so tedious and don’t fit with the food.

Your only potatoes will be in the salad. OK?

But I do think there should be some hot food.

So let’s raid the freezer at Morries and take those nice small Linda McCartney sausage rolls. Last time I ate them they were tasty enough so they will do.

And, maybe a few vol-au-vents. I know they are so old-fashioned but I used to love my mother’s mushroom ones. I think they would be very nice. I’ll make those. I could do a jalousie too. And some other pastry type dishes.

Onto the not-meat foods. I think a plate of vegetarian Salami would be rather nice, and some mortadella too. I could roll them up with an olive or a gherkin or just display them in a round on a plate.

Perhaps some sautéed tempeh, tofu, seitan, with some dipping sauces too?

No desserts my dears. I loathe sweets.

Plenty of Saccarellos coffee and Assam and Darjeeling tea.

I’ve probably forgotten lots of food but that will do for now.

Guest list:

Ah, I don’t think I will get into that one. If you comment on here, or any other of my blogs, you will be welcome.


Totty will be bringing nispero chutney which reminds me I need to add some Indian food too.

I’ll add a veg chutney/pickle and maybe another fruit one – mango or pineapple or something.

A raita of course, and some Indian bread.

Perhaps I’ll make some corn breads, or at worst, pick up some Pippadoms poppadoms from the local Indian shop.

free penny press is bringing grapefruit and oranges, so that reminded me to make a fruit salad, I may soak it in kirsch.

And as she wants G&T with lime, that reminded me I need to make some guacamole.

Thinking of guacamole, I remembered I need to make an ensalada de la Axarquía, which is a basic Spanish mixed salad (boring old lettuce, onion, tomato and cucumber) with avocado, radish and orange – which gives it real lift.

And again, the lime reminder made me think I need to do a hot salsa, courtesy of a recipe from a one-time Texan friend. Hot with jalapenos, tomatoes, lime, and cilantro.

More additions to the buffet will be added as people say what they are bringing or I remember to add more goodies.

About roughseasinthemed

I write about my life as an English person living in Spain and Gibraltar, on Roughseas, subjects range from politics and current developments in Gib to book reviews, cooking and getting on with life. My views and thoughts on a variety of topics - depending on my mood of the day - can be found over on Clouds. A few pix are over on Everypic - although it is not a photoblog. And of course my dog had his own blog, but most of you knew that anyway. Pippadogblog etc
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29 Responses to That virtual dinner party

  1. Totty says:

    As I don’t like to arrive empty handed, and I’m crap at buying wine, I shall bring a very large jar of my nispero chutney. I’m not bothered about the alcohol, but I do hope you have a teapot; I think tea made in a mug is a waste of a good tea leaf, and anyway I’m from the tribe that thinks the milk goes in first…even if might be the soya type. 🙂


    • Nispero chutney sounds great, although I hope you haven’t added sugar. I guess you might have. Sounds a great use of nisperos though.

      I have teapot (s). I also have leaf tea. Breakfast and Assam.

      I’m not really into mugs, so ‘fraid your tea will be in a cup with a saucer (remember those?). You had better bring your own sugar though. Rather short on that. Currently have some soya milk in 😀


  2. Totty says:

    Yes, there is sugar in the chutney; I make it every two years in large quantities and it is an excellent preservative. I’m glad you have a teapot (silver?) and tea cups, but I shan’t need the sugar basin, just the slop bowl…and a tea cosy…and a strainer…


    • Well, it will suit those with a sweet tooth. I do like fruit chutneys, and thinking about it, nisperos would be excellent with slightly sweet sour taste. Yum. I shall add it to the list.

      Teapots are pewter and earthenware (I think). I do have a silver teaspoon though 🙂 The sugar basin will do for any slops. I don’t have a tea cosy, please BYO. I do have a strainer and the pewter one has one in the mouth too. Of course, I forgot to say, I also have tea bags. Ahmad breakfast tea I think.


  3. As a fellow veggie it sounds delicious. But…I loath mushrooms (or as my family call em..mushoyls) so I’ll leave those. And gazpacho soup would be a first for me. So, count me in. 😚


    • Oh, sorry about the mushies. I do think they are quite tasty. But I can think of something else to go in vol au vents, or the jalousie. Or maybe I should make spanokopita. If you have a special favourite do tell, and I will try and put it together.

      Gazpacho is quite delicious (and not a mushroom in sight).


  4. cobbies69 says:

    hopefully see you there,,, 🙂


  5. free penny press says:

    Oh I love a party.. since I live in the land of Oranges and Grapefruits I shall bring some for a fruit dish..
    Gin & tonic with a twist of lime on crushed ice will do nicely too..;-)


    • It’s nothing so reckless as a party, just a few virtual friends with something to eat and drink. I just realised I’d forgotten guacamole off the list! And fruit salad! So your citrus fruit will be most welcome.

      G&T with lime no problem – but crushed ice is – my freezer stopped working years ago! And as the fridge works I haven’t chucked it out. It’s pretty nippy here right now, we got to 9 degrees Celsius today, and I can chill the tonic and the gin if you like in the fridge? The gin will be Larios which is my favourite Spanish gin (not that I drink it these days, but when I do, that’s my gin of choice). I’ve done the gin thing in the past, so I’m confident in providing that. The Larios family has an interesting history too, so I can bore you with that 😀 Oh and tonic, probably Schweppes.


  6. Sounds like my kind of party, there’s food and drink on here that I can actually consume for a change!! 😀


    • I tell you my idea of bliss would be going to a totally vegetarian party! Or vegan! The idea of not having to ask ‘can I eat this?’ is just unbelievable. Anyway you are the second veg to attend, so if you want something else, please add to the list.

      Because, joking apart, always good to highlight the range of veg food and what we can all eat, that isn’t too difficult for non-vegs to provide.

      HNY OL and wishing you health in 2013.


  7. bluonthemove says:

    Am sorry for my tardy response, but I didn’t shift yesterday’s lunchtime visitors until 11pm, so didn’t get to look at wordpress until a few minutes ago. Looking at the menu, I’d just be able to share some of that dry white wine. Alas though, I’m too late.

    Makes me think though, would a virtual party work with everyone on Skype or something.


    • Ha – must have been a good lunch. And like you, I’m always happy to linger on or even welcome late visitors. Oh, dear though, you really are a born-again carnivore!
      But if all you can manage is the alcohol, I might buy a decent bottle for you 😉
      I’ve done virtual meet ups before in chat rooms which have been pretty good actually. And just like life, especially with time zones, people drop in and out. Works for me.

      I can’t believe there isn’t anything vegetarian you could/would eat! You make my father look tame 😀


      • bluonthemove says:

        Tesco premium range pizza I’m afraid, some meat free some not. Its one of the local take aways that do the dairy free pizzas I’d mentioned before. Over Skype I guess it can be lunch for my American friends whilst being dinner for me!!

        I think I mentioned I don’t eat raw vegetables, which would rule out a lot of the fare you provided your guests, additionally I don’t like olives very much, especially not the black ones.

        Once I’m in Gib I will invite you out for a meal, I hope there are a good selection of Indian restaurants about, as they tend to offer the best cuisine for carnivores and vegetarians feeding together.


        • I can’t believe how picky you are! You make me look easy to cater for. Everyone should like olives.

          Invitation gratefully accepted. Restaurants of choice – Maharajah for Indian or Quattro Stagioni for Italian. Both do lunchtime, both do dead animals. Oh, and both do veg too. Obviously. They do beer for him and wine for you and me.


  8. angryricky says:

    One of my favorite meals, from Brazil: black beans and brown rice, beets and lettuce. After things are cooked (not the lettuce), mix them all up together. Spice the beans however you want. Not a lot of variety, but if there’s a lot of it…

    Also in Brazil, I once had someone do a salad that was just really thinly sliced onions and tomatoes splashed with oil and vinegar.


    • I’ve got a recipe for something like that – although I think it uses white rice and is called – Moors and Christians (!).

      I often do sliced onions and cucumber in vinegar, but all my salads have oil and vinegar.

      Love beans of all types, although tend not to have black ones in, usually red. Can’t tell the difference between them apart from colour.


  9. Vicky says:

    Aargh! I missed it!! 😦
    …..unless of course there’s anything left and it’s still happening.
    Sounds like it was a good one! 🙂


  10. EllaDee says:

    Despite being so, so late the timing – for me – is fortuitous. I’m a bit ‘over’ food. I didn’t over indulge while we were away, just a bit more bread than usual, sandwiches are easy holiday food. Since returning, spending time at my desk, cooking weeknight dinners and veering away from bread… I haven’t felt like much at all, and today found myself adding chickpeas & baby spinach to the half a container of leftover Indian takeaway dahl and potato & eggplant currry for my desk lunch… So you can imagine I found your virtual spread wonderfully appetising… I could graze for days.
    Hmm, no Peroni limit. Sounds good – it’s nearly beer o’clock on a Friday.


    • People have such varied tastes these days. It can’t be difficult to cater for most people unless they insist on eating dead animals, which I ain’t providing. I think your food sounds wonderful. I’ve got some dahl in the freezer – in Spain! – which isn’t much use here. It’s always beer o’clock here for which I totally blame Australia. My partner never drank before he visited Aus!


      • EllaDee says:

        Yes, if anywhere was going to turn you into a drinker it is Australia. I have an Irish friend who never touched a drop – her family are total absteemers – before moving here. Now she gives it a good nudge. I’m not a huge beer drinker but it has its moments… wine o’clock is my thing.


        • I indulge in wine o’clock too, and cava o’clock as you may recall. He only ever drinks beer these days, and neither of us touch the hard stuff. When he was working in construction in Aus (tasmania, darwin, melbourne, sydney) it was back when they used to bring cases of tinnies on site and chuck them in ice drums for workers to help themselves while they worked ….


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