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God Bless America

Pontificating from my sofa about Syria is not my thing. I know stuff all about it, except I would not want to be fleeing a war-torn country with nothing. Reviewing Port of No Return was an eyeopener in that instance. … Continue reading

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Whose point of view?

The Arb had an interesting post about gender identity, free speech, threats, and Germaine Greer. I don’t write about trans issues because I don’t know enough about it, and I have zilch knowledge of it. Similarly I don’t write about … Continue reading

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Tea-time laughy

I occasionally check junk mail. Big mistake. Although, I did laugh. I won’t even bother with the critique. Well, just one, why are marital status and sex essential info?! Dear Sir/Madam, I pray this mail finds you in a state … Continue reading

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Do come to dinner :)

It’s always interesting when men write about becoming vegetarian/vegan, because it is really a soft soppy girly thing to do. Real men eat meat not quiche. At one point I was following a blog by a man who was going … Continue reading

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