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Language – chairman, chairwoman, chair

For me, this is one of the classic cases that exemplifies patriarchal etymology. Or to put it in less pretentious language, how the words we use subtly reinforce that men are in charge. As a child, I was brought up … Continue reading

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Growing old

A whinge. This is hard. There are no two ways to say it. I know it’s ‘better’ to grow old than die young, but getting old just is not easy. You know you are growing old when your body starts … Continue reading

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Princess Anne visits Gib – Spain sulks

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. A former Crown Colony. Ceded to Britain in 1713 under the Treaty of Utrecht. The Catholic King does hereby, for himself, his heirs and successors, yield to the Crown of Great Britain the full … Continue reading

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Joan Baez

My father introduced me to Joan Baez. My father, the radical trade union representative in his youth, who didn’t like the politics of Joan Baez when he was older. He hated her singing ‘We shall overcome’ but couldn’t resist the … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day = Violence Day

Here are three amazingly unfunny jokes which I noticed when reading a misogynist forum that I visit (for practical info) occasionally. It never fails to let me down. There is always, but absolutely always, some crass ‘joke’ about women that … Continue reading

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Radical feminism?

Once upon a time, there was a radical feminist forum. It was interesting and lively, with lots of thoughtful and stimulating discussion. So I joined. As with all forums, there were also arguments. And cliques. And moderation. Some of which … Continue reading

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Where are the women……. (2)

Thanks to one of my American internet friends who alerted me to Obama’s reversal of the so-called Mexico City Policy – or the Global Gag Rule. This, for anyone who didn’t know (like me), was a particularly insidious piece of … Continue reading

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