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Or, more specifically, Farmhouse Cheshire Cheese. As well as slicing up lots of dead pigs every week, the other major food item my parents sold on their market stall was cheese. Now for some reason, the tradition in my part … Continue reading

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Jury Service – Part 2

What to wear? Men always have this dilemma. So to all you sexists out there who go on about women faffing around with their appearance, I tell you men are much worse. No matter whether it was my father in … Continue reading

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I can never understand what it is about bacon. It is the one thing that vegetarians are always asked – ‘Don’t you miss bacon?’ And as for Americans, they seem to be obsessed with the stuff. People on forums declare … Continue reading

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Saturday snippets

It’s not been a good week for Partner. Apart from the aforementioned summons, he’s not done too well on the shopping run. Who can forget my rant about the shelves being depleted of vegetarian, low salt, organic stock cubes? Well, … Continue reading

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‘I don’t know what this crap is,’ he said, as he walked in, and chucked a couple of brown On Her Majesty’s Service envelopes at me. Which, I translated to mean, you can open that crap and tell me. I … Continue reading

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As the whole world seems to like talking and writing about dog crap, I thought I would add my two penn’orth. Last month, Gibraltar introduced a campaign against dog fouling. Or rather against people who do not pick up after … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there was a young girl. She was naive and impressionable. But she was quite bright so landed herself a place at university. Her parents warned her about all the evils she would face. Drugs, sex, although … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day coincide this year, as they did in 2007. While Armistice Day, the anniversary commemorating the end of World War 1 falls on 11 November, Remembrance Sunday is on the second Sunday in November. I’ve written … Continue reading

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More super shopping

Shopping never fails to amaze me. Not that I do it very often, and try my best to palm off that tedious task onto Partner. Even doing the washing up or mopping the floors is a worthwhile trade. As my … Continue reading

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Would you trust an MP?

So who would you trust? Or, rather, not trust? The old list always included estate agents, used car salespeople (men in those days), and politicians. Journalists and bankers have rapidly shot up the rankings, so that MPs are still first, … Continue reading

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Fantasy detectives

Why is it that every detective novel features the same stereotypical hero? Do they bear any resemblance to reality? I’ve read a few recently, courtesy of an unofficial book club, ie my neighbour gets free books and passes them onto … Continue reading

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Holy shit!

Lucky me 🙂 Greetings, I am Mrs. Al-Ghrari, the only surviving member of a family that was crushed in a bomb-blast during the war in Libya. Currently, I am battling with a (partial stroke) which resulted from the shock gotten … Continue reading

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When the boat comes in

Thou shalt have a fish and thou shalt have a fin Thou shalt have a codlin when the boat comes in Thou shalt have haddock baked in a pan Well, that (mothball) lasted a long time didn’t it? Without further … Continue reading

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