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Happy birthdays

Are such fun as we age. Gone are the days of cards dropping through the letterbox, or here on the Iberian peninsula, appearing in an external mailbox. No. One gets an email from one’s not so nearest and definitely not … Continue reading

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Middle aged men

Don’t you just love them? One of the good things about getting to middle age, ie anything over 40 as far as I am concerned, is that one no longer expects to have total idiots hitting on you. That’s not … Continue reading

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Waking up in the middle of the night (OK it was actually more like 4 am which isn’t far off getting up time), I mused about the people I haven’t heard from this Christmas. As you do. There were two … Continue reading

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There were times when I thought we almost understood each other. Something special something together shared laughter love sorrows trust life. Until one day it stopped.

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Men who can cook

And those who can – and don’t. Or to put it another way: Men who can cook, do. Men who can cook, don’t. As for men who can’t cook, they don’t either. Fortunately. With apologies to George Bernard Shaw (Man … Continue reading

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A brief revival

They say New love is the brightest They say Long love is the greatest They also say Revived love is the tenderest thing known on earth They forgot to say That when it crashes down around you Again It hurts … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there was a young girl. She was naive and impressionable. But she was quite bright so landed herself a place at university. Her parents warned her about all the evils she would face. Drugs, sex, although … Continue reading

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Reach out

I stretched to find you to touch you there was just an empty space I talked to you in my drowsy stupor you didn’t answer I wondered where you were and turned over to drift back to sleep I knew … Continue reading

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Virtual addiction

You might as well have put crack cocaine in my tea, he said I’d only asked him to be my neighbour in Farmville Did I ask him to play? And later, he wondered am I addicted to you? No. You … Continue reading

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Post from the past

In days gone by Alfie Apple the postie (he of the rosy cheeks) previewed all my mail ‘A letter for your daughter looks like it’s from London’ ‘A postcard for her from Paris’ No interest in the nudes on front … Continue reading

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So near, so far

Last night I dreamed of you once more Reaching out my subconscious took me on a journey Not to visit you but to wander and to enjoy that beautiful place you call home The urge to get in touch and … Continue reading

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The Rock

It started with a small fissure in the rock Imperceptibly over time the impact of wind and rain started the erosion Until one day that tiny crack had suddenly become a gaping chasm But we built a bridge across that … Continue reading

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Please employers..?

Remember those halcyon days before the internet? When you looked at newspapers or magazines, noticed a job advert and sent for an information pack? It gave you the whole family tree about who was who, the bosses, your colleagues, what … Continue reading

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Knowing you

You were a part of my daily life I thought of you on waking up You were my distraction from the dreary dismal duties of a working routine I would think of you once more before drifting off to sleep … Continue reading

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Falling off the end

Sometimes it is easier that way. Although it isn’t always even intentional. People just do fall off the end however, perhaps even moreso in our increasingly busy computerised lives. Some years ago I received a card from a former work … Continue reading

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Week One

To date: One less internet friendship (although I have no idea why, as for once, I did not break it off). A letter from the newly appointed management company for the block informing us that the proposed budget for next … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder

I was going to write yet another boring post about internet fallouts. And really, who gives a fuck apart from me? Thanks to those of you who have sent olive branches. And to the one who is no longer around, … Continue reading

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A Cloudy 2011? – A Happy 2012

As the dogblog and my news/reportage blog are getting their annual reviews of 2011, I thought I would write one on here too, of the more personal type. Readers may remember my dilemma back in March when I was invited … Continue reading

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There are lots of good things about the internet. Mostly, in my opinion, that includes sharing information for free. But there are an awful lot of bad things too. Truth is, I’m not sure what value it has added to … Continue reading

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And then there were three ….

They say things go in threes don’t they? So when I read the email with the sad news that an internet friend had died of cancer, I wondered who the third one would be this year. The young and lovely … Continue reading

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