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An example of sexism

Here is an advert for a mechanic, seen today on FB. While I agree with equal opportunities and that women have every right to be mechanics, this person is neither wearing overalls (note grease on body) nor toetectors. No. It … Continue reading

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BDSM (and feminism)

I’ll be honest. I have a slight issue with women consenting to abuse. I mean, of course, to consenting to delirious pleasure that involves a fair amount of pain that results in ecstasy in the end. Now, for those of … Continue reading

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Feminism and male homosexuality

Musing about feminism and men’s reactions, I asked my former neighbour and blogging friend of some years, Mr Merveilleux, for his views on homosexuality and feminism. From time to time, he posts on feminist issues, and, to me, it seems … Continue reading

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Feminism 101b – What about the men?

Or, what about teh menz? as it’s more frequently called. This follows on from The Arb’s guest post about mansplaining, as it is a) a jargon term within feminist spheres, somewhat like mansplaining and b) is another facet of male … Continue reading

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Best seller! Read the bible!

What’s more pitiful than that vacuous, bankrupt statement is the fact Ms. roughseas admits to having never read the Bible. From, theancients on colostorms’s blog. Oops, Colorstorm. Now it is fair to say I have not read the bible. I … Continue reading

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Guardian Angel

Me? Never. The other night I was walking up one of the back streets. I heard shouting and sounds of distress. Not my business. Not mine to interfere in a ‘domestic’ dispute. I walked on. And battled with my conscience. … Continue reading

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Oh dear

From Violet’s blog about MRAs. Insanity wrote: Actually Carmen, many of those men are genuinely having lots of sex, which than begs the question, why are there so many stupid women in the world? It also answers another of your … Continue reading

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Eve teasing

Most of my readers, as far as I know, have English as their first language (South Africans excepted), and come from so-called advanced white western societies. In the pursuit of feminism, many people think because women have got the vote … Continue reading

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