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Slagging off WordPress – again

Yes. I know. You all wanted to read the ‘Wankers, seriously…’ post. Or at least those of you who spotted it in Reader and didn’t manage to get there fast enough before I took it down. I may tidy it … Continue reading

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Treating the symptoms – and not the cause

Or stupid legislation. Or nanny state personified. Call it what you will. Busily browsing the internet about Land Rovers, as you do when you have things you need to do, and don’t want to do, I chanced upon an interesting … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Animals – different cultures

It doesn’t matter where we live in the world, but our environment and culture invariably shape our views and behaviour. Unless we want to stand out from the norm for being ‘strange’ or ‘eccentric’ we tend to fit in with … Continue reading

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Black and white

I’m one of life’s down and outs. Or that’s what it feels like sometimes. Partner went to the job centre today to look at the board for craft trades. When he walked in, the security guy looked at him, didn’t … Continue reading

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Aftermath of a royal visit….

‘Phone conversation: MR: ‘Buenos días Cristina (de Kirchner – president of Argentina), how are you?’ CK: ‘Buenos días Mariana (Rajoy – prime minister of Spain), bien, all things considering.’ MR: ‘I see you didn’t have much success getting the Brit … Continue reading

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What do you do when faced with a dilemma involving your principles? Choose one principle above another? Or try and find that compromise in the middle, that isn’t one or the other? Life is made up of compromises of so … Continue reading

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Consumerism (2) – holidays and travel

Holidays. The two weeks in the year that we all work towards. Or three, or four, depending on how blessed you are in your job. It always confused me why people seemed to accept slaving away for 50 weeks to … Continue reading

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Some thoughts. A week later.

It’s a week since International Women’s Day so no doubt everyone has forgotten about women and the odd few problems we have so we can all get back to normal. You know, the odd bit of DV, aka either assaulting … Continue reading

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Voracious Spaniards

Spanish men do have voracious eyes. Or to be rather more accurate, the look in their eyes is voracious. Wandering down to the site where Partner is working, I passed a couple of Spanish workers walking in the other direction. … Continue reading

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Does your vote count?

Well, not much of a surprise but Spain seems to have gone for another right-wing government, yet again the Partido Popular (PP) is in power. When we first moved to Spain, the PP was in charge under Jose Maria Aznar. … Continue reading

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Where are you going?

So there I was, standing at the bus stop as you do, when you are waiting for a bus. I’d been there about 15 minutes and the bus was due soonish. Suddenly a car pulls into the bus stop, and … Continue reading

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A newspaper round-up

Sitting in the bus station the other day I picked up a Spanish paper, and as usual depressed myself. It seems young people in Spain, ie those under 30, have one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, 30.4% compared … Continue reading

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Fucking Telefonica

Saga runs as follows. Go back to Spain and discover router doesn’t work. Probably died in one of the storms/heavy rains. Don’t see why but anyway it was dead. A few weeks after the warranty ran out but no doubt … Continue reading

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Princess Anne visits Gib – Spain sulks

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. A former Crown Colony. Ceded to Britain in 1713 under the Treaty of Utrecht. The Catholic King does hereby, for himself, his heirs and successors, yield to the Crown of Great Britain the full … Continue reading

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The price of fruit

I staggered on the bus with three very heavy shopping bags. Fortunately one of the front seats was empty and I could dump the bags in the luggage spot which avoids putting them on the floor and having stuff rolling … Continue reading

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Risk free or duty-free?

Readers of Pippa’s blog will know that last weekend we were stopped at customs by the Guardia Civil who looked inside our vehicle. I don’t just mean they looked through the window, which they’ve done once before. We actually had … Continue reading

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You don’t come from round here

I was brought up to be inherently racist. Black – or coloured people (as I think they were called at the time, and most of them were from the Indian sub-continent) – were dirty. So said my dad. One day … Continue reading

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