Aftermath of a royal visit….

‘Phone conversation:

MR: ‘Buenos días Cristina (de Kirchner – president of Argentina), how are you?’

CK: ‘Buenos días Mariana (Rajoy – prime minister of Spain), bien, all things considering.’

MR: ‘I see you didn’t have much success getting the Brit minister to visit Buenos Aires when he was jollying around the Malvinas then?’

CK: ‘Non, wouldn’t have a bar of it, and they are refusing to discuss sovereignty, can you believe it? And there is going to be a referendum in the Malvinas too.’

MR: ‘Lets hope those people in the Malvinas come to their senses and vote for Argentina, which is more than those Llanitos in Gibraltar ever do. Each time there is a referendum, there is nearly 100% vote for the UK. Idiots.’

CK: ‘My sentiments exactly. But you haven’t done too well in the PR stakes recently either have you? I see the royals had a good trip to Gib and everyone totally ignored Spain’s protests. They even flashed up a rather superb picture of their queen last night on the north face of the Rock which I understand faces Spain, sí?

MR: ‘Hmmm, well of course, we do have diplomatic conversations going on about all this, so it’s just the Brits being a bit lippy, rather like they are with Las Malvinas.’

CK: ‘At least they discuss sovereignty with you. Sort of.’

MR: ‘Don’t lose faith Cristina, you have your UN Appeal tomorrow demanding that Las Malvinas should be yours. After all, we are both in dire economic straits so we need to distract people with our territorial claims, just like Galtieri did. Turned around his political standing immediately when he invaded 30 years ago.’

CK: ‘ You’re right of course. The British so love to hang onto their colonial past when really, we all know those little places should be ours. I only want Las Malvinas, Antarctica, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. We are so much more modern.’

MR: ‘Absolutely right. Hang right on in there with that claim. We only have Gibraltar to claim from the British, but Portugal is just as much of a nuisance. Those Savage Islands in the Atlantic between Madeira and the Canaries are rightfully ours. As for Olivenza on the border with Portugal they ceded it in a treaty, so it is clearly ours. Anyway, hardly anyone knows about that so not too much of a worry, unless Portugal starts winding it up to distract their people from poverty.

‘And Morocco is another upstart. Really, always going on about Ceuta, Melilla, the Isla de Perejil, and not just that, all those other useless bits of peninsula or islands that are kicking around off their north coast that we own. No idea why they want them, but we’re not giving them up. Territorial integrity is all, as are treaties, when they work to our advantage.’

CK: ‘Gracias por tu call, Mariana, I’m really buoyed up by that. I’ll go and kick culo at the UN Committee and demand they return Las Malvinas to me. I mean, I’m into human rights and all that, but not when it’s about territorial claims or distracting the masses from our austerity measures.’

Click. Both hang up.

So there we have it. Two Spanish-speaking countries with financial problems using the age-old tactic of upping the ante on territorial claims for places that were ceded hundreds of years ago.

Tomorrow Argentina is raising a high level appeal to the UN Committee of 24 to pass sovereignty of the Falklands to them. It comes just a day before the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo addresses the C24 on Gibraltar’s case amidst heightened hostility from Spain and in the wake of protests over the Royal visit to the Rock.

And this:

Mayor of Algeciras Jose Ignacio Landaluce has called on Chief Minister Fabian Picardo to carry out a “gesture of goodwill and friendship” and not go ahead with the inauguration of the new Gibraltar air terminal by the visiting royals.

This is one of numerous displays of disapproval from neighbouring politicians.

In a statement to the Spanish press, Sr Landaluce described the planned inauguration by Prince Edward scheduled for Wednesday “as a moral and legal slap in the face.” 

Criticising the royal visit, he described it as “inopportune” stating that if there was an inadequate moment for it, “it is now, in the midst of the fishing dispute.”

He called on the royals to exercise “the courtesy and political responsibility” and refrain from carrying out the inauguration as the building is located on the isthmus, which he reiterated, “was not ceded to Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht but the British were allowed to occupy as a result of the yellow fever epidemic of 1815.

Yawn, Spain, just yawn. Broken record syndrome.

And another:

Last Friday Spanish Foreign Minister Garcia-Margallo declared that the British royal visit to Gibraltar was “profoundly unfortunate both in the timing and in its form.” 

Spain has been issuing diplomatic protests as a result of British royal visits to Gibraltar for decades, most notably in 1981 when Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer commenced their honeymoon from the Rock, boarding the Royal Yacht Britannia which was anchored in port.

As for Gibraltar, it’s British. Why shouldn’t royals visit? Would Spain cede to any similar Moroccan (or Portuguese) request?

This is the queen’s diamond jubilee hence the timing. Do you cancel royal visits planned months ahead because of a spat about fishing? Who really gives a shit about a fishing dispute? And anyway, it’s not a fishing dispute, it’s the same old story about Spain claiming anything and everything to do with Gibraltar, in this case territorial waters.

So while I’m neither pro nor anti-royalist, these crass and obvious objections seriously rack me off. Go sort out your economies, Spain and Argentina. Stop raising the same old chestnuts to divert attention from your domestic problems. You would only impoverish any territories you gained, just like you do your own countries.

Well done, Gib, for supporting the royal visit, for whatever reasons. And Cristina, wishing you absolutely no luck at all with the UN C24.

But go, Fabian 🙂

(Quotes from GibChron)

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21 Responses to Aftermath of a royal visit….

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  2. Totty says:

    I’ve been looking forward to your writing about this, and I have not been disappointed! Succinct with a touch of humour.


    • Thanks! You were fast, I was just reading it over again! And you had already commented.

      Succinct? In terms of length no. But in message possibly. I wanted to post something about the similarity between Spain and Argentina, and also say why Gib may have been supporting the royals. Who knows?


  3. Possession, as they say, is nine/tenths of the law! Argentina could be a bit of a problem if they keep escalating the issue but would UK & Spain go any further than just squabbling and sulking?


    • Argentina? Only problem is if their armed forces aren’t conscripts and the brit gov hasn’t totally decimated ours. Spain likes to do it, I think, it’s acostumbrado. Fun, I guess.


  4. EllaDee says:

    I agree, complex issues explained succintly which is just as well as from an outsider’s point of view I had zero awareness before meeting up online with a Spain/Gib living blogger and it’s like dogs fighting over old bones. Trouble is the bones in reality are peoples’ lives and futures. Sameoldsameold politicians out of touch with the real world.


    • Thanks ED. It’s bizarre to me that Spain is arguing over something that happened more than 300 years ago. The Falklands have been British for nearly 200 years (spats with Spain over that one too in early days – before Argentina was independent), and we even went to war over it. These countries are really annoying, they have better things they should be spending their time on. But you can imagine the status they would gain from actually getting any of these territories returned. An easy re-election.

      I don’t know that it is a question of politicians being out of touch – they have no interest in people, their lives and their futures. Who cares if they mess with our lives? All they are interested in, is their own power and glory. Bah!!


  5. And I thought you might be blogging about taking down the decorations and street cleaning!

    Our boys are currently too busy protecting US oil assets to spend any time worrying about the Falklands and Gib. Certainly so far as the Argies are concerned (remeber all the Sun headlines?) they can posture and feel safe. Mind you not sure our current political masters have the steel to send troops anywhere, unless Mr Obama thinks it’s OK.

    Not surprised that this saga continues, the Irish question has never been properly resolved and that conflict is at least 300 years old and look how many lives that ruined.


  6. bluonthemove says:

    I’m surprised Mr Rajoy didn’t mention those Spanish companies who’s assets are being seized by Argentina. Fortunately, self determination is an important part of the UN code on decolonisation, and the populations of both Gibraltar and Falklands have made their views pretty clear.


    • I didn’t know about Argentina but Sr Morales has always been muy keen to get his hands on Spanish assets.

      This was just a friendly chat between Cristina and Mariana to boost each others egos and ultra vires territorial claims 🙂

      Not sure how in touch the UN is actually, but still, one lives in hopes.


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