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Relatively fine

Browsing around WordPress, as you do, when you want to find a distraction from things that really need doing, I came upon a gem. It’s not that easy to find, but they have some commenting guidelines. Mmmm, just what Cloudy … Continue reading

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Sink or swim

My mother never learned to swim. When she visited us in Spain, we took her for a walk around the beach, she was in her late 70s, a leisurely walk of around an hour, but she was quite capable of … Continue reading

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There were times when I thought we almost understood each other. Something special something together shared laughter love sorrows trust life. Until one day it stopped.

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On being sick

Everyone knows that having a cold is nothing at all, and you should just grin and bear it. I know that, because that was how I was brought up. While I was despatched off to school, snuffling, coughing, spewing phlegm … Continue reading

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Or, more specifically, Farmhouse Cheshire Cheese. As well as slicing up lots of dead pigs every week, the other major food item my parents sold on their market stall was cheese. Now for some reason, the tradition in my part … Continue reading

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I can never understand what it is about bacon. It is the one thing that vegetarians are always asked – ‘Don’t you miss bacon?’ And as for Americans, they seem to be obsessed with the stuff. People on forums declare … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there was a young girl. She was naive and impressionable. But she was quite bright so landed herself a place at university. Her parents warned her about all the evils she would face. Drugs, sex, although … Continue reading

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Jimmy Savile – how’s about that, then?

What is there to say? Shocking? Terrible? Those poor girls and women? And boys apparently too. I don’t need to say all that because everyone else has said it. A couple of things I will say. They are currently allegations … Continue reading

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Journalism (4) – politics and Thatcher

Ah. Margaret. How many lives did she influence back then? Or even end? But let’s start at the beginning. Sitting in chemistry class at my private all-girls school. We adored our teacher. Slim, attractive, slick dyed hair, make-up, smart suits, … Continue reading

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Seal of approval

Some years ago my mother decided to buy a beautiful pair of sealskin (?) fur boots. They were amazingly warm. I know, I wore them a few times. She bought them from Bridlington in Yorkshire, UK, where not many seals … Continue reading

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Why I didn’t publish a comment

Luckily, I have found something to rant about today, so we are all happy. Health warning alert appears later. Some time ago, on one of my other many blogs, I posted a pic of me – link here. I wrote … Continue reading

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Paleo, paleo ….

When I first read about the paleo diet I was puzzled. In the extreme. I’d never heard of it of course. Why would I in my sheltered vegetable patch? I read these absolutely glowing evangelical reviews. This, apparently, was the … Continue reading

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It’s pink! It must be Lego!!

Fast off the mark as ever, I finally discovered that Lego was courting controversy by introducing a new girly – aka gender-biased – range. (It’s already introduced the male gender-biased range). Naturally, I was fascinated with this because of a … Continue reading

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