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Leap year

Half an hour to get a post in before midnight – before I can do it for the next four years. That’s not very long to construct a long whinge. Surely I should have some moans and groans that I … Continue reading

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Voracious Spaniards

Spanish men do have voracious eyes. Or to be rather more accurate, the look in their eyes is voracious. Wandering down to the site where Partner is working, I passed a couple of Spanish workers walking in the other direction. … Continue reading

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Note to all bloggers

I suppose I should have called this ten top tips to successful blog posts or recommended crap like that. Or maybe ten top tips to pissing people off. That’s more like it. Anyway, back to note to all bloggers. 1) … Continue reading

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No violins or flowers for these.

A disturbing post from Philosopher Mouse. Naturally, being rather naive in my 50s I had to DDG (Duck Duck Go) to discover what a rape kit was. I thought a rape kit, was, well, you can guess. Apparently not. According … Continue reading

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Paleo, paleo ….

When I first read about the paleo diet I was puzzled. In the extreme. I’d never heard of it of course. Why would I in my sheltered vegetable patch? I read these absolutely glowing evangelical reviews. This, apparently, was the … Continue reading

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The other day, I noticed the person belonging to one of Pippa’s dogpals had landed an interesting blog/position. I checked it out, and it seemed quite demanding, you had to write two or three posts a week, be an absolute … Continue reading

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So why are you vegetarian?

It always happens. The one that kills the conversation. There you are chatting away happily about nothing in particular and it suddenly comes up. Maybe you have refused the prawn vol-au-vent (yes I know I’m showing my age with that … Continue reading

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Adoption? Adopted?

I never realised adoption was such a grey term. I thought it meant you took something/someone when it was unwanted. But browsing around the dogblog world, as you do when you have a dog with a blog, I have become … Continue reading

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It’s pink! It must be Lego!!

Fast off the mark as ever, I finally discovered that Lego was courting controversy by introducing a new girly – aka gender-biased – range. (It’s already introduced the male gender-biased range). Naturally, I was fascinated with this because of a … Continue reading

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Invading your space

(potential alert if you are easily offended – about – anything really – although why you would be reading here if you were is beyond me) Browsing through the WordPress sections where they publicise latest blogs, I was looking at … Continue reading

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The perfect breakfast

Breakfast is so not my favourite meal. It’s the only meal in the day that I struggle with. Not that I struggle to eat it, I can just never decide what to have. Nor is it because I am vegetarian. … Continue reading

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Why comment? Why bother?

I was happily deleting a blog from my blogroll when I successfully managed to delete the whole lot. Readers of my dog’s blog will be aware that although we (ie the dog and I) have moved our blogs over to … Continue reading

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